My Top 30 Anime List (2019 Edition) Part Two

Now that is hitting near the end of the year it is time to make the big four list. That being the top Manga, Top Characters, Top Waitfus, and what we will be discussing today. That being my top 30 anime as of 2019. The rules that I set for myself is that if an anime has multiple spin offs or more than one studio. I will still count the overall anime as one. So there won’t be a list filled with the monogatari franchise. I also have not seen every anime in the world so deep apologies for that. That also means that I have an opinion and trust me when I say that this list is very different. I also will not include anime that is currently airing like Vinland Saga. So those are my limits for this so let’s talk about my top 30 anime of all time as of 2019 part two.

15) Kaguya-sama wa Kokurasetai

This was an anime that I really loved with all of my heart and soul. With the stacked winter earlier this year. The only anime that stayed at the top was the amazing story of Kaguya-Sama. As the comedy in this series is on another level. THis has 3 best girls that I rank all of them highly. Then the Chika dance ED that only appeared once in the whole anime. Made me love this anime with a passion. So I am awaiting season two as soon as possible. As this anime puts a smile on my face constantly.

14) No Game No Life

This is one of those anime that really got me into anime. As I remember seeing this for the first time. Just lost in the games and the fun of the series. As the Shira and Shiro are two of the most savage cocky characters in anime history. As they truly believe that they cannot lose and will challenge god one. Once Madhouse makes a season two one day…. Eventually…. Instead of teasing us with a movie.

13) Re:Zero

This was one of if not the first anime that I watched weekly. As each episode that I watched had me on the edge of my seat. As the had me on constant edge. This series made me think and feel so much emotion each and every week. I fell in love with the character of Rem. As she one of is not the greatest girl in anime history. I can’t wait for season two if the anime as I read the web novel for it and it gets crazier.

12) Hajime no Ippo

Now this is my favorite sport media in all of fiction. Better than the manga Slam Dunk and far superior than other sports medium. As the boxing and will to win in this manga is dare I say masterful. As this is the beautifully done with the fights and the story before the fights. All of the characters in this series is amazing and the overall story is amazing.

11) One Piece

This is one series that I am always in conflict with. As the anime has moments that I have to say is amazing and could be easily number one. Then, there are moments in this anime cough Dressorosa cough where events are dragged out to the max. Making me drop the manga instantly and make me drop the anime. To then wait for a later arc in the future to continue. So I say for this series there is no right place to start, but once you do there is no going back.

10) Baccano!

Now this series is a masterpiece in my book. As the couple of Issac and Miria are the most perfect couple in fiction. The dub of this series is beautifully done. My boy Jacuzzi is an amazing Gentlemen and character overall. The story of this is beautiful and Rail tracer is a good dude (I know he did all of that but, he a real one).

9) Tsuredure Children

This is an anime that I have to say is one of the most underrated masterpieces that I have ever watched. The couples in this anime are amazing, this is a short series, and it is just amazingly written. I am always schooked that this is not talked about more often. As this is a masterpiece of an anime as it displays the life of couples and the life of their relationships. This is so beautifully done. I wish that this had another season one say as this is one again a masterpiece.

8) Highschool of the Dead

Time to talk about this seires. Now some people might be wondering why this is so high. Other harem consumerist like myself know that if this series author did not pass this would have not only been the greatest Zombie manga of all time, but this for sure would have been even the greatest fanservice anime series in history. It was amazing and the action of this series is on another level. The characters are all amazing and this anime is one that is perfect but imcomplete.

7) Spice And Wolf

Now where do I start with this, Holo is an amazing and well written character that is a perfect wife. That you would have to take care of though. This series follows the topic of economics and the journey between Holo and Lawrence is so beautiful yet so tragic that I have to say that this is so amazing. I love how there relationship develops and how they love one another with all of their heart and soul. They are one of the perfect couples and I cannot say anything that would be considered I am still mad that we still have not gotten the multiple seasons that this anime deserves to the max. As this story is just beautiful and just amazing.

6) Sora yori mo Tooi Basho

This is a story that I have yet to talk about on this blog. As I believe that this is a masterpiece like the last 5. But, this is a story that is complete and beautiful written and an original no less. This is perfect as all of the girls have something that every person in the world can relate to. But, the overall journey that these girls went through are amazing and underrated.

5) Chihayafuru

Time to talk about that Chihyafuru greatness. As I just realized that I lied about Hajime no Ippo being the greatest sport genre in fiction. But, the game of Chihayafuru is the that game. As the characters are amazing. The passion that each characters put into this game of kurata is insane. The relationships and the background of each character is perfection. The writing of this anime is so real and just perfect. So I can’t wait for season three coming in the future.

4) Attack On Titan

If you guys know then you know. That this anime went from overhyped to underrated. As this anime has fleshed out all of their characters to the max in the later season. This show is so amazing that I can say it is one of those rare series to make me tear up. The character of Historia is a masterpiece and a queen that I would die for. Mikasa is an amazing character that people don’t believe is developed but that is a lie. As she is one of the most misunderstood characters in the anime. I can’t wait for the final season of this anime as I am an anime only and from what I heard in the manga readers. It gets insane.

3) Hunter x Hunter (2011)

Damn, where do I even start with this series. The character of Killua is a masterpiece and one of the greatest of all time. Merum is one of the most developed characters that I have ever seen period. The Yorknew City arc along with the Chimera Ant arc are both masterpieces to me. The characters of Gon, Leorio, Kurapica, and even Hisoka are all masterfully written. This is also animated beautifully by the studio of Madhouse. This anime is a masterpiece and my third favorite anime ever all time. As everytime I watch this I am still in utter enjoyment of how amazing it is.

2) Monogatari Franchise

Now this series is so beautifully written and the characters are so amazingly done. That I can not hate any character in this anime period. The story of Hanekawa made me cry to tears. My favorite girl Shinobu is the so well fucking written that I have nothing but praises for. I am talking about each girl right now and you will hear me talk about this series more on this blog.

1) Gintama

Well time to talk about a series that I still find hard to put into words sometimes. As this to me is and most likely forever will be my favorite anime of all time. No series has even come close to it. As I every other series is amazing and also masterpieces. But, the character of Gintoki is enough to be on the top of any list. The character of Kagura is my favorite female character in shonen history. She gets most of her personality from Gin and she is so beautifully written that I have to give her own post one day. With the characters as the story that it tells, the lessons that it teaches, and the jokes that it gives us. This anime is a series that I hope that everyone has the chance to watch someday. As this is and forever will be the greatest anime of all fucking time.


Well that was part one of the top list at the end of the year. As I will cover my best characters next. Then, my best girls, and finally the top manga. Which is always my favorite to make as I am a manga head before an anime guy. But, man this list is crazy as if you told me a year ago that a series called Monogatari would be number 2 all time I would think you are crazy. But, that is the end of this crazy list. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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