Best Character of Summer | 2019 Summer SAKE Awards Part 5

Alright time for the third to last award for the night. As we will be giving out the award for the best character of the season. As this season had a lot of amazing characters and I had to bring a list of over 40 characters to 10. So here are the top 10 characters of the summer season. As this is the most bais award show in history.

10)Yue (Arifureta)

Yue is an amazing character that I have so much love for. As she is the is a person that shows her heart on her sleve. Everything that she does to make Hajime happy is really selfless and I love that also about her character. She has a past that she wants to forget. So I can’t wait to learn about that in the light novels.

9)Hibiki (Dumbbell)

Now Hibiki join the gym for a boyfriend. But, she still hasn’t realize that she is ment for anither anime yet and it is amazing. But, joking aside she is a lovable character that is entertaind and when she is serious I am just hyped.

8) Senku (Dr.Stone)

Now this man is just a go leader. But, I will amit that he is a little bit of a crazy man. But, none the less this man went to a villiage that was thousands of years back in time. But, is bring them back one step at a time.

7) Freya (Danmachi)

She is the best girl in this anime. As she is preparing her perfect lover, but watching from a far. But, if her love is in any trouble what so ever. She will destory your land, kill your subornates, and slap you to death. While slowly walking to you with no help. She is a savage and I love her character.

6) Thorkell (Vinland Saga)

This man is mother f**king insane…..and I f**king love it. As this man is a true warrior and bad ass. As his fight with Thorfinn is amazing and one that was beautifully animated. But, his smile thought the whole fight made me reminisce on his character.

5)Izumi (Araburu)

Now this man is on this list souly for his loyalty as a high schooler. As he was so loyal to a fault that he told he girlfriend the truth that he was not sexuality attracted to her. Yet he was with one of her friends. Then to say that he still loves her and cares for her. Man that takes some balls to say that out right and deserves a spot on my top characters list for the season.

4)Askeladd (Vinland Saga)

Now Askeladd is one of the deepest antagonist in the world. The anime is doing an amazing job portraying his character. As he is a kinda father figure to Thorfinn. But, still the man that killed his father though he respected to to a high degree. This man is such a clown at times that he is just one of the greatest antagonist that I can’t help but love.

3)Machio (Dumbbell)

Alright from his introduction, to his serious moments. This man made this anime for me, As his body that defies logic is one that would make the masses bow to. He is an amazing character that I have to say is just a bro that is their to train you and make you better.

2) Momoko (Araburu)

To me this season she is the most developed out of all of the characrters. She is one of those character that started in the background as more of a support character. Until she relize that she was in love with the same gender. Then her evloution as a character in this anime was amazing. She became bolder and more upfront with her character. She is a diamond in this amazing season and one that I say everyone should watch this amazing anime for.

1) Kanata ( Kanata No Astra)

Where do I start with this guy. If this man was not part of the B5 space crew. They would have all been dead episode 1. But, the thing that makes me more happy and love his character more is his determination to make sure that no one on the crew never dies. As he risks everything for them and he is an amazing leader. One that deserves the best character award for this season.


Well that was a though one. Just imagine the best girl contest. That is also today, well S**T. Beside that I apricitate all the people that came to the award show tonight. So until later today, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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