Best Girl of Summer | 2019 Summer SAKE Awards Part 6

Alright time to talk about the one where most people will disagree with me. That being the waifu of the season. AKA best girl of the season. As this is the second to last award of the Summer SAKE Awards. I am happy that I get to talk about one of my favorite topics. So let’s get into the top girls of the summer season in the most bias Award Show in history.

10) Aries (Kanata No Astra)

Now time to talk about the best laugh in anime history. As she is just the most pure and funny girl on the planet. As she is someone that wants to be friends with everyone no matter what. But, the thing with her character is that she is someone that you can just chill with. But, one thing KANATA, CHILL!!!! Man this man came in her room late at night for some information about the traitor. But, the thing is that she let this man in. You know what I will make a post about that and her character one day. But damn.

9) Sayuki (Hensuki)

Now out of all the girls in Hensuki. The only one that I would be with is Sayuki. As she has the least threatening fetish out of all the girls. As for the longest I thought the sister was gonna be here. But, nooo she just had to be a nudist. But I love Sayuki’s character as she is just funny and a chill person to be around.

8) Shia (Arifureta)

You know in most series she would be that character that does nothing at all int the whole series. But, then you realize that she is really helpful. While also being a very good and fun character as well. She is just amazing an a very slept on girl this season.

7) Hitoha (Araburu)

She was my favorite character in Arubaru for the longest. But someone hight took that spot. But her character also had a development in this anime. As her relationship with her teacher was exucuted to a perfect degree. Her story is one that I have to say was a fun ride.

6)Quitterie (Kanata No Astra)

She is the perfect wife. She is a doctor and the motherly figure of the B-5 crew. She is an amazing character and her confession to the lovable Zack Walker. Was the perfect confession. This series gave us some gems and she is one of them.

5) Hibiki (Dumbbell)

Hibiki is an amazing character that I have noting but a smile when I see her. When I saw her get all gitting at the end. I have to say that her character is fun and entertaining.

4)Freya (Danmachi)

Man the things that I would do for this goddess. On a side note I have to say that if I was in this world. I am finding a way to join her familia. As she is a stalker of Bell. As she waits patiently for him mature and be great. But, whatever you do. DO NOT mess with her man. As she will destroy everything you have for him.

3) Hibana (Fire Force)

She is a women that got save by her first hero. Then as she fell in love with that hero being Shinra. She show all the love and affection that she can to him. She even confesses to him. I hope that those two are together in the future as she is amazing and I just love her overall character design and her charm.

2) Momoko (Araburu)

Welp Momoko got snubbed twice for her awards. As she placed second yet again. But, she is still an amaizng character. That did win the Historia Award in the character section of the awards. But, as I said before she is one of the most developed characters in this season. As she went from the background to the spotlight.

1) Yue (Arifureta)

This is not a joke. I repeat this is not a joke. As Yue in these last couple episodes. Along with her character throught the whole seaosn. Has just went undderrated. I just realize after the last couple epidoses that she is so selfless. That she is willing to have Shia and Tio part of Hajime’s harem. As she wants him to have more things that he can cherish. She knows what he has been throught and she just wants to see a smiling face on her man. She is the best thing that came out of Aurefureta. As she desevere this award to the fullest.


On a unrelatied kinda related topic. I just saw that Black Clover 9 OP and when I say I screamed I legit scream so loud that my neighboors heard. As my queen Noelle in her Valkeie dress just looked amazing animated. So I say check that out if you have the time. But, thank you for being here for the second last part of the sake awards. As we have the finale coming up next being the anime of the season. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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