Anime Of the Summer | 2019 Summer SAKE Awards Part 7 (Finale)

Alright time to end the SAKE awards for summer as I had fun with this award show. But, I will say that this award show was one of the most time consuming ones of them all. As this one was just a stretch compared to the previous ones that I was writing. But know that this anime of the season award was one of the toughest out of all of them to choose. As the top three made me contanly question which one is the best. But, I came with my answer. So here is the final award of the 2019 SAKE Awards. As tonight we are handing out the anime of the season.

HM) Senki Zesshou Symphogear XV

Now before we go and do that I want to give an award to this anime as I feel that if I had the charane to watch it live. I probably would have had it in the top three also. So I do plan to watch this but, I felt that it needed to be with these five anime.

5) Fire Force (First Half)

Now this anime is an amazing series. As we are at the halfway point, it can be a little bit tacky. But, when it does its fights I have to say that David Productions is going miles above. So this is an amazing series and maybe once it finishes it will be the anime of the year. But, I have to say that this is an amazing series nonetheless.

4) Araburu : O Maidens In Your Savage Season

Now this is one of those animes that I have to say is up their greatness. As this story is one that I was really sad that it ended. But, the jokes the realism, and even the not so realism. Is what made this anime great to me. I love that Momoko grew to be such an amazing character. I love Hitoha to the end as she developed to an amazing character. Then at the end when Kazusa said it fit. I teared.

3) Dumbbell Nan Kilo Moteru

Now this anime was just amazing from beginning to end. The girls in this anime were all amazing. Hibiki is the cutest thing in this world. The arm wrestling match was so epic that I couldn’t help but make that my favorite episode of the season. Finally this series ended beautifully. But I want more. Like season 2 when?

2) Kanata No Astra

Now this anime was a trip. As I will say this now. It was the best anime with the cliffhangers out of all of them. I love the relationships that they formed. I love the journey that this series took me and the people that made this series so amazing. This was also one of the longest series that I have reviewed on this blog so I have to say it was fun. Hell if the anime next was not here. It would had won this award.

1) Vinland Saga (First Half)

Now I have not talked about this series a lot. I have not even made a dedicated post to this like the other anime this season. But, I am saying this now. If you have not watched this anime. Stop wasting your time reading this and GO F**KING WATCH OR READ VINLAND SAGA. This is a beautiful story that I really can’t put into words. As this is the only anime that I can say is a 10/10 this whole season and one that I can say deserves the award for the best anime of Summer 2019.


Now thank you for reading this as I was rushing to type this post today. I am glad that I made it. As this is the conclusion of the most bais award show on the planet. So thank you ladies and gentlemen for being here tonight. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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