Who is the Bride? | The Quintessential Quintuplets Season 1 Thoughts

Wow I am mad at myself for putting this amazing series on hold during the Winter. As this was one that I really loved. Hell it might have been on the top 30 Anime List that I made a week ago if I watched it sooner. But, that is crazy how this anime is a harem. But, it is wholesome and the quintuplets in this series are an amazing group of girls in this anime. So today I will talk about this amazing anime, the mystery put into this, the girls, and the overall story of the Quintessential Quintuplets.

This series is about our main character Fuutarou as he is a highly intelligent student. As he and his family are in a lot of debt. So his father found him a job as a toture. But, what he finds out is that he is not only tutoring one student. But, he will be tutoring a group of not the brightest girls in the world. So we follow the series as he helps these girls achieve what many toutores have failed to do. But, what is more interesting is who he will end up with. As the anime spoils you and shows you him an a quintuplet. But, making sure that we do not know who it is. Which gives the anime a huge mystery element.

Mystery Element

The mystery element of the show is really interesting to me. As they show you one of the girls they make sure that she is not talking. While also showing you no features of the other girls. So the show confirms that he will end up with one of these girls at the end of the story. They give you little hints on who the girl is. But, the thing that I am interested in the most is who is the girl gonna be. As every girl in this story has a chance to be the one. SO I am planning on bingeing the manga as soon as possible.


She is a girl that I am really interested in how her character will go in this series. As I love how Fuutarou made her into a better person in the fireworks arc. She also motivates Miku to be with him. But, the thing is that she started to have feelings for him. So she is trying her best to be selfless. But, she can’t help the one that she loves. Her character is one that I can’t wait to read more about in the future.

Is Ichika the bride?

She to me is the least likely to be the bride. As I feel like she will achieve her dream but, in the process, she will not be close with him. So I have to see what will happen once I read the manga.


Now Nino is one of the most interesting characters in this series. As she an Fuutarou have had some of the more interesting interactions. As they have both seen one another naked oddly enough. But, Nino hates his guts. Even thought they look like a married couple. But, the thing about that is I wonder is why when Nino tried to show this man her baby picture. This man turned immediately. Then as soon as Nino went out she this man had a pic of one of the quintuplets with him as a child

Is Nino the bride?

If I was a safe betting man, I would have to say yes. Now out of all the girls she has the most hints yo be the bride. As she wanted to have piercings in her ears. Similar to the bride. The bracelet that she is received and gave back to Fuutarou is the same bracelet that he is wearing in the wedding. Fuutarou also did say that he likes a girl that can cook(sorry Miku). So I am just saying that she is the most likely to be the bride. But I am not a safe betting man this time. As I believe that the girl that he saw long ago is the girl that he will marry. I also do not believe that it is Nino. Since she did not recognize the kid in the photo. But, the only girl that recognize him and was the first to confess to him. Someone who also recognized him.


Now Miku has an army behind her. As she is the best girl in this series. She is an introvert and the middle child of all of them. She is trying her best to get close to him. But, due to her nature of being an introvert. I sense Hanekawa(Monogatari) situation that my heart is not ready for. As she was the first person to show that she had feelings for him. She is also trying her hardest to make good food for him. Man this is breaking my heart to say this. Also her blushes are to die for.

Is Miku the bride?

Even though I love her character and I would most likely would choose her out of all the girl if I had the choice. Even though I know a majority of the fan base (including myself) want her to be the bride. I feel like she is the second least likely to be the bride out of all the girls in the anime. Now I know she is amazing and deserves the best. But, I am placing my bets that she is not the bride.


She is a very interesting character. As season one we did not get a lot of screen time with her character. But, what we did get is moments that make me wonder. She is the least brightest of all the sisters. But, even though that she was one of the first girls to go to Fuutarou’s tutoring sessions. She then also had that moment with Fuutarou that made me think. Then I knew in my heart.

Is Yotsuba the bride?

I believe in my gut that Yotsuba is the bride. As she is someone that did not get a lot of development this season. But, with her character she was the first one to confess to him. (Even thought she said just kidding afterwards). She has these moments that make me think her character is a lot deeper than people think. So I have to place my bets on her among all the girls.


Now I just want to say f**k the people that hate on Itsuki. All because she is the first girl and people are hating for her because of that. Besides that I love her relationship to Itsuki as they have the closets bond out of all the sisters in my book. She already is friends with the sister and is an amazing character. I love her and man I wish she was not the first girl as she is such an underrated character.

Is Itsuki the bride?

As much as I love her. She has the least likelihood to be the bride. As the author stated that he really did not like the idea that the first girl is always the winner. But, more than that I have to say that their relationship is really a brother sister relationship to be honest.


This is an amazing anime and I have to say that this is one of those series that made me think a lot. But, I can’t wait for this manga binge. As this is just getting hyped. So until then, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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