My 5 Favorite Artist In Manga

Time to talk about the greatest artist in manga history to me. As this is one of the more interesting topics. One that I have to say is interesting what other people think about it. As some of these artists are amazing artist, but when it comes to telling a story it is different. Then you get some rare people that can do both making a masterpiece in my eyes. So here is my top 5 manga artist (No Manwha since I haven’t read a lot) as of now.

5) Hiroya Oku – Gantz

This man is insane when it comes to his artwork. As sometimes when I am reading Gantz. I look at the world and I just wonder how can you draw these crazy figures. The monsters in this series and the detail that he puts in the crazy world of Gantz is amazing and he really is one of my favorite mangaka. Solely based on artwork.

4) Boichi – Sun Ken Rock, Dr. Stone

Now this man is a masterful artist. Like he is a man that I really love when it comes to artwork alone. As the manga of Sun Ken Rock is like going to a museum every page. As it is just beautiful and shaded to the finest of details. Then when I read Dr. Stone, he manages to have his own style to it. Despite working on it weekly this series is beautifully done and I just want to say that he is amazing.

3) Yusuke Murata – One Punch Man

Now this person is up here as he made the manga of One Punch Man from a great story. To a masterpiece of a manga both art and story. This man draws the action scenes in the manga so good that it really feels like you can see the picture move. The art that this man does is great and the passion that he puts in this manga is at another level.

2) Kintaro Mirua – Berserk

Man, in the beginning I will say that it is not the greatest. But, going from chapter to chapter, you can see his artwork become more and more mature. As he develops into a better artist. Then he becomes a man that I have to say could be the greatest artist on this list. But, their is one person that I believe that he can never surpass.

1) Takihiko Inoe – Slam Dunk, Vagabond

This man is the GOAT in art. Each and every panel that he has put into Vagabond is a masterpiece. The final arc of Slam Dunk is so beautiful that I can say that it doesn’t even feel like a Jump chapter anymore. The passion that he put in that, the love that he put in that, and the time that he takes with each and every panel. Make him to me the greatest mangaka in the art category.


That was a fun little list to make. But, it was also very difficult to make as the top three to me art all interchangeable. But, one thing that I know for sure, is that if a manga has good art. Then you will at least get a couple volumes out of me. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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