Some Quick Thoughts on the Monogatari Girls Part 2

Alright time to talk about two characters that I relate to the most out of all the girls in the series. As I am an introverted person similar Nadeko. I really loved her character and all of her development throughout the series. Also Nadeko gave birth to one of my favorite scenes in anime history. That being the amazing school scene in Nadeko Medusa. Now some elses I will be talking about is my second queen, the amazing Hanekawa. As her character is one that I have to say is a masterpiece and I also relate heavy with. So these two amazing characters are the ones that I will be talking about today.

Nadeko Sengoku

Nadeko is one of those girls when I first saw her I was alright with her character. But, to be honest I can relate heavy to this girl. Mainly due to her break out as a character in Nadeko Medusa. As she was a pushover in her school and tried not to be in anyone’s way. She tried to stay in her shell for as long as she could. But, when Tsukihi cracked one piece of her shell (By cutting her hair). She finally let all of her emotions out. She was a person that always was quiet. But, when she was free I she would go all out and basically say F**k you to the teachers, the students, and all. I lowkey was just frozen during that whole scene.

In this moment when she released all of her feelings and decide that there was no going back. She did something that I wish I could do in my job. As I am a person that will just do my job with no complaints or anything. But, in my head I just want to scream like she did to them. But, man I can’t believe how much emotion I am writing about this girl. Like that moment is so amazing that Nadeko went from a good character to a great one.

Moments like this just make me happy that I can’t go back and talk about these amazing moments. As one day I plan on doing a profile on every girl and I will let you know now that the list of the Monogatari girls. That list will be one of my life’s work. As that is something that I will put so much time and energy into that I will probably go weeks without sleep and know so much about Monogatari that it will make me sick. Okay enough of my nonsense as this one was really long. Just know that Nadeko is a GOAT character.

Tsubasa Hanekawa

Okay now time to talk about the girl whose character is so F**KING beautiful that I…. I really am running blanks right now. Well, I will start with saying that the character of Hanekawa is the most relatable character in the series. As she similar to Nadeko in a sense puts on this persona. As she tries to put on this fisode as this perfect being. Hell to the view and myself she is. As she is beautiful, smart, and a perfect being on the outside. But, she is not all sunshines and rainbows in her soul. As she has her own problems manifesting to the point where she birth the apparitions of the neko. Being her true self that she keeps hidden in her persona. Hell she didn’t even become her true self until Monogatari Second season. When it was too late for her to have a happy ending.

When she gets help from Araragi the first time. Even when she helped Araragi with Shinobu. She never confess to him. Knowing that she was in love with him. But, she was manipulating him so she never showed her true colors to him until later. As the end of the arc, where she finally passes all of her troubles and can be her true self. She gets rejected as Araragi found Senjou and it was too late. So she must forever live with the notion if I it was a little sooner. It would have been different. I relate to that so much and I really want to talk about it. But I will save that for when I do a complete multi part character profile on this masterpiece of a character.

Hell I question myself sometimes as I know that Senjougahara is the perfect girlfriend and will do anything for you. I know that my favorite girl Shinobu has the greatest bond in anime history with Araragi. But, when it comes to Hanekawa she is the most relatable out of all the girls to me. Thus making her my favorite character in the Monogatari franchise. But, not my best girl if that makes sense.


Man that was a long one for those two characters. I can’t imagine how long their profiles are gonna be when I do them. Cause I was just casually talking about them. So I am afraid how long it is going to be. Well that is for the future. Speaking of the future, next time I will talk about the fire sisters. So that will be very interesting. So until then, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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