Noelle Is My Queen | Black Clover Opening 9 Thoughts

Okay I don’t know who officials these Black Clover openings but, bro these are always fire. As this one is showing me flashes of this amazing arc and all I have to say it that it is that amazing of an arc. So I just wanted to talk about moments in the openings. So this will have spoilers for the whole arc so if your not caught up to the manga. Then I just will say watch this amazing OP and go bingne the manga.


The beginning show the wedding that ended in tragedy. Along with that we see the peaceful lives of the elfs before that tragedy in the story. All of the elves in the past look clean as hell along with showing them being a family showing their motive for hating humans. Then we get the epic poses of each of the elves that are possessing all of the characters.

Asta and Yuno

We get Asta and Yuno looking at the castle ready to battle. But, we do not see their faces but, they look a lot more mature in the anime. We then get some flashes of the black bulls along with their past which is a reminder of all the struggles that made them who they are today. We also get an underrated 1 second shot of them eating good food and of course Charmy is their. We get other flashes but then we head into my favorite scene in the whole OP.


I just want to say that Noelle is the best girl in shonen history. She was looking so clean and sexy falling down in that black dress. Then, then when this girl got in the Valkyrie Dress. I completely lost my sh*t. Not only that you put my girl in some spin move with slow mode added. You gotta be kidding me. I don’t even watch the anime like that but, for Noelle in that Imma watch the anime now. I want to note that seeing her smile makes me happy so that was a nice touch.

Fuegoleon and Mereoleona

I saw the flashes of them screaming together in this. I remember it like it was yesterday. As those two were in two completely separate areas. As they make sure that the only one that can defeat one another is one another. I just love this panel and the anime did that just in the opening.

The Rest

We get the captains going all out. We get to see Litch’s struggles and Asta trying to save him. We get to see the previous wizard king’s revival and then we get to see the just a little smile. From one of the most overpowered people in anime history. So that is gonna intertering.


If you were wondering why I even made this post the main reason is for my girl Noelle. She is a queen and I just want people to know that. As she killed it in this opening. So I can’t wait to see her fight in the anime. That is all I have for this morning cause I have to go to work. So until then, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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