I am on a Manhwa Binge | Sunday Chill Post #2

Me this week.

Alright time to just talk and chill this week. As this week I had two post that I had to crunch for time(Including this one) as I had to cover two night shifts. So I am lucky that I made it one time for both. So right now I am drained. But it is the end of the week for me so time to recharge. As this week I have really been into Manwha such as Tower of God and Solo Leveling as they are both fricking amazing. That being said lets get into the 7 questions this week. (Even though it is 6 questions and I haven’t cam up with a 7th)

What Anime do I plan watching this week?

The anime that I plan on watching this week is ORESUKI Are you the only one who loves me? As the first episode was one that I didn’t plan on watching. But, it was their and I was bored. Then after watching I loved it. So I plan on watching two anime this season so far.

What Manga do I plan on reading this week?

I plan on reading this week is a manhwa called Age Matters. As it has some 29 to JK vibes. So I am interested in that.

What was a blog post that I enjoyed reading this week?

One that came at the perfect time to me is the top 14 webtoons you should be reading right now by Inskidee. As this one is a good written description for a lot of amazing series if you are getting into manhwa. As I plan on reading several from his list.

The blog post I enjoyed making this week?

One that I had the most fun making this week is Who is the Bride? | The Quintessential Quintuplets Season 1 Thoughts. As that one was fun making theories about each girl. Along with just talking about each girl.

The Manga I really enjoy this week?

Well I just completed Solo Leveling and I plan on making a way better post than the one that I made earlier. As that one was made in 30 mins (Trying to stay at two post Monday to Saturday). As that series was straight flames.

The Anime Episode that I really enjoyed this week?

The anime that I really enjoyed this week was the Quintessential Quintuplets. As that was an amazing series that I loved with all of my being.


If you have any questions like who is my favorite girl, some sports talk about my Miami Dolphins, or even about my life in college. I will put my twitter here and you can ask me a question there or in the comments below. To be featured here next time. So this week question is….

“People often overestimate what they can achieve in a year and underestimate what they can achieve in five years. What are your one-year and five-year goals for your blog?” – Lynn

Thanks for the question and my 1 year plan would be to make it to 100 followers from today (Oct 6th, 2019). Which is 42 people away. It is something simple and will help build more of a community for my favorite series. My five year plan is to have a profile project longer and better than the To Love Ru Project. One that I can say it a classic post that my blog will always be remembered for. With a series that I am as passionate as the series of To Love Ru. As I plan on doing a huge amount of research for it. Then making it a weekly post for about a two cour season.


Well that is all I have for this Sunday. As I this week was a little bit hectic but, I made it through and can refresh. So until next time, thanks for reading and be great my A&M people.

2 thoughts on “I am on a Manhwa Binge | Sunday Chill Post #2

  1. Omg you did not just say you were reading Age Matters – I’m gonna die of overexcessive fangirling. I really need to mentally prepare myself for these fangirl moments when i’m reading your posts, they always catch me offguard haha. I am excited to see your thoughts on it and what you have to say ( ᐛ )!

    Liked by 1 person

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