Chisa Greatness | Grand Blue Chapter 56 ” Fun Dive” Review

I don’t know how they do it but they do. They still somehow find a way to make me lost in the characters. Make me love the aspect of diving. Make me want to have a vacation at some random island and do a summer job. They even make me laugh my a** off every chapter. As this chapter was just greatness. So let’s talk about the Grand Blue Chapter 56 called Fun Dive.

Chisa Instructor Struggles

We start the chapter with more work. But, we get to see Chisa and her instructor struggles. As she tried to make sure that a man use the ladder. Instead of jumping off. I just want to say real quick f*** that guy. Like this girl was just trying to make sure that you were safe. But, you just had to go all in on her. Then after some help words from Iori. You used the ladder. Did you just want to yell at a girl you a**hole.

But, like I said before Iori came and used his people skills that Chisa lacks. To make the old fart use the ladder. The Dolphin girls even say that he should be a diving instructor. Since he will most likely flunk college. Meanwhile in the background, Chisa has her silent panels which shows her sadness as her mother (Who I am complete belief that she is a Tsundere) says she is to awkward during her job. She is not getting any closer to proving her right.


Since they are leaving soon. They decided to have a going away dinner for the group. Evolving some good fashion Japanese cooking. While eating we see Chisa in the background again. But, she is still silent as she is still feeling that event from earlier.


We get asked about the most memorable moment in the series for everyone. As Aina’s was the leaning that balls don’t explode. Iori will never forget (Nor will the TV viewers) having Kohei strip on TV. Then Kohei will never forget the fujoshis. (Azusa will always be in the background rooting for them). We learn a little bit more about the diving job. As it does have its days of hell and all.

Chisa Shows Emotion

As the Dolphins group is talking about their jobs. Chisa is wondering if she can do that job in the future. As she is asking her mom gives an instant no. Then, Chisa lets out all of pent up emotions that she has been keeping in. Everyone is just in a state of shock. Even the mother was a little bit stund. Chisa goes to her room in embarrassment for her outburst. Man I just have to say when Chisa shows emotion it’s a 10/10 chapters.

Aina and Kohei

Well after that. The main group headed home while decided it was best to leave Chisa to herself until the next day. Iori goes to bed for the night leaving Aina and Kohei alone. While they are alone Kohei asked if she will try to make one last memory for going back. While giving some amazing dating advice from his over 100 dating sims.

But, she avoids talking about it again. Then going to bed for the night. Leaving Kohei alone. Then Kohei realizes playing wing man to a main protagonist is tough. As he forgot every main protagonist in anime is blunt and don’t talk about their feelings until the end of the anime.

Fun Dive

Well it looks like Chisa is still feeling depressed about last night. Beside that most of the people taking part in the group dive today got food poisoning. Due to that they decided not to waste the time they have been putting all the equipment on the boat. To have a Fun Dive and relax.

A fun dive is not even enough to get Chisa in a better mood. So Iori reminders her of her memory of Ball Blow Out as that might be the only thing she remembers. So because of that she accepts to dive.


I always love the divining panels as they are all amazing. Making me feel as if I am in the ocean with them. I am happy Iori is loving diving more and more as the story progress. We get to see the group having fun seeing some garden eels and we finally see a smile on Chisa’s face. As she made a memory that she could not forget.

Then the double page with the manatees was amazing. I love the artwork as it is just so beautiful. Hell ing Iori’s words “That was F**kin’ awesome!”. We a panel with Chisa and it is amazing to me. Hell every Chisa panel in this whole chapter to me was just amazing. As she spoke very like words. But, you knew what she was saying.

Must Protect Smile

Just another panel of that Chisa greatness. As they all sail home after one of the best dives of the series. Afterwards Chisa plans to have a conversation with her mother.


I just want to thank Iori for giving her the extra push that she needed. Also that one panel with her chibi face was adorable as f***. She then walks in she is completely honest with her. She apologies and speaks her mind to her mom. Saying that she plan on completing school and will study hard. So she hopes to have another shot. But, then the mom ask if she said something. Says that she is busy.

I really don’t know how to feel about this. As I feel like the mother is acting like this for a reason. It might be because she is a tsundere similar to her daughter. Or hell she might just envy Chisa for some reason. But, I hope that the next chapter we are right back into the thick of things. As this was another amazing chapter of Grand Blue.


I just want to thank Crunchyroll and Amazon for constantly giving us that Grand Blue greatness. As it was one hell of a ride this chapter. Chisa is finally developing into a great character. The arc is almost complete and it is just greatness. So until then, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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