Season 2 CONFIRMED!!! | Arifureta Shokugyou de Sekai Saikyou Episode 13 Thoughts

Where do I start with this. Like I was kinda joking when I said I was hoping for a second season. But, I am feeling two types of ways about it. As I am happy that this anime will have a chance to redeem themselves as I personally enjoyed the story and characters. But, then I feel hella envious as anime like No Game No Life, Baccano, and SPICE AND WOLF. Have not gotten another season. But, I am still hopeful that they do one day.

Well getting off the topic of season two bringing confirmed. This episode was still really enjoyable as Hajime literally flexed this whole episode. Like it was no contest between him and the monsters. The harem is growing larger than ever with Kaori and maybe Shizuku. The story seems like it has a long way to go as it ended. Also the actual light novel readers(As some people are trying to get this anime out of existents) said that some of the characters get a lot of development. So I can’t wait for that. But, speaking about this episode.


We get to the end of the anime from Hajime’s prospective as he pull out a piledriver out of his box of tricks. To then have is epic entrance. Then provide to destroy and one shot the whole army. Hell after he saved all of his classmates. This man had to flex even more with a whole army ready to battle. For this man just to say it was taken care of.


I am really interested in her character. As she was technically the first girl to show him any affection and care ever. So I was wondering how he really feels about her. As he was hesitant to hug her with Yue staring right at him. But, he was not mean towards her like the other girls. As he was completely honest with her. While sad to break the news.

Now on Kaori’s side I have to say that it was funny as hell when she heard Myu say Papa. As she was so heated that this man got a child with someone other than her. Hell after that I would have given up. But, Kaori is committed to love him more than anyone. Like that gotta hurt that you one love who you thought was dead. Was reborn with three girls and a child. Like damn I feel for Kaori. Even worse as she is in the back seat as part of the harem.


This episode was one that I have to say was funny as hell. As Yue a person who does not show that much emotion really showed a lot of jealousy this episode. As she found her one rival in Kaori (AKA The Childhood Friend). But, I am happy for Yue as she is a person that doesn;t have to really fight for Hajime’s love. As he is committed to her as his number one girl. So I loved Yue as a character this whole season and can’t wait to see more about her past in the next season hopefully.


Despite not having as much screen time as usual. I still loved her character as she was one of my favorites this season. She was always fun to be around. Also I don’t know how you can hate this bunny girl. Like just look at her cuteness.

Daddy Hajime

I just want to say that this the most concerned I have seen Hajime in a minute. As this man forgot that he is raising a daughter with a harem. Like you don’t think that some words were gonna past through her head. But, I still love Hajime’s character. Despite him say some of the edgiest sh** I have seen in anime history.


Well this was a fun ride that I enjoyed to the end. It kinda funny as I had this anime at an F tier anime. As I hated it with a passion. But, I eventually came to love this amazing trash show. That to me turned into a very entertaining show. So if you were wondering what rating I gave this anime on MAL, it was a 7. With that the Summer season has finally concluded and time to get into the winter. So until next time, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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