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I want to start off by saying that I am not a fan of slow progressing romances. As in some media it is blatantly obvious that the main couple love one another. Yet the series is stretched out to ridiculous lengths having nothing to do with the relationship or negating the relationship till hundreds of chapters down the line. So when I saw this series, I was curious of how they were going to show the romance element in this. After reading about 56 chapters (or 54 episodes in) I have to say that this story makes a slow progressing romance really dang good.

As the two main characters of this series Daniel Yoon and Rose Choi have such amazing chemistry that it makes the series well worth it. As they start a relationship of complete strangers. To a relationship that is an amazing bond that they argue and make up with one another constantly. I got lost in reading this and I have to say that it is really enjoyable seeing these two characters grow closer each and every chapter. Slowly realizing that their relationship is becoming more than a friendship.

Rose Choi

Now I want to start off and say that I love Rose. As she is a person that to be honest. If I met in real life I am putting a ring on that finger instantly. Like no questions asked. She is a women that I agree with Daniel and wish she would stop putting herself down.

She is a woman that can act childish for her age of 29. But, she still is mature is some aspects, with that she is a hard worker and a very caring, helpful person. As in Gintoki’s word she has a beautiful soul. I love her character and everything that she is about.

Daniel Yoon

Now this man is a person that in the beginning I was a little skeptical about. As I just saw his a little bit of a prick. But, by seeing the little glimpses of his back story. I can see why he is really distance towards people. But, I love his character also. As he in the beginning was cold to her. But, then with her high spirits she warmed up to him. Making him a better and more social person. One that is trying as you can see every chapter.

The Past and Future Relations

We get glimpses to both of their past as they both were in a relationship that they thought would never end. But, it did as Daniel lost his girl to another company.(Based on my assumptions). Then Rose lost her finances to a younger prettier girl. So both of them have lost someone in their past. Making both of them single where they are now.

Now that they have been together for so long. They have developed a friendship where Daniel cares deeply for Rose. While Rose cares for him as she is a beautiful soul. I know that they will find love with one another and I am just loving the simple things that they do together.


This story is beautiful and I have to say is one of the greatest romances that I have ever read. I can’t wait for this story to develop more and I can’t wait to pick up more of these amazing manhwa series. As they are just getting more and more amazing. So I thank you for reading and I hope that you do well my A&M people.

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