When Your Best Friend Is the Protagonist | ORESUKI Are you the only one who loves me? Episode 1 & 2 Thoughts

Bruh, this is dumb funny. The series is one that I did not plan on watching. But, I was bored and it was on Crunchyroll. So I just said let me give it a chance. It was a little bit of a bore in the first half. But, what really got me was the second half. When he had both girls take him to this bench and confess to him….. But, they confessed to him that he liked his best friend. The show then does a whole one eighty and goes from generic as hell harem to an amazing comedy.

Dez Synopsis

When the main protagonist gets confessed to that both of the girls that he liked were in love with his best friend. I was just done bruh. As they not only did that, but they both then asked him to help them get the girl that they like. Making the protagonist loathe them even more. Giving some of the most hilarious inner dialogue that I have seen in a minute.

Main Protagonist

Speaking of the Main Protagonist, Amatsuyu is funny as he is basically the main heroines best friend. As he does straight up say that to. Which any series that has fourth wall breaking is amazing in my book. But, back on his character this man is so f**king hilarious. As he just made this show for me.

Bench PTSD

Bruh this bench is one of the greatest antagonists in anime. As in the end of episode one when it there for the first two times. I was okay it is just a parallel for the two girls. But, when best girl Sumireko had one in the library I was laughing. As this man legit had PTSD from it. Then in episode 2 this man asked his friend who he likes. THen the bench made it return I had to talk about this series.

Best Friend

Now the best friend Sun in this anime is a good friend. But, he suffers from Rito(harem protagonist) syndrome. As Amatsuyu is constantly trying to hook him up with the two girls. But, what happens is this man is oblivious as hell. But, what made this series even more funny is when Amatsuyu has his conversation on the Bench. He says that he has a crush on the only girl that has a crush on the main protagonist. Thus making a love pentagon?

Love Pentagon?

As the main character has a crush on the two girls. They just see him as a tool to get to their true crush Sun. But, then sun has a crush on best girl Sumireko. But, Sunmireko has a crush on the main protagonist. But, the main protagonist is not attracted to her. Making this very odd and funny relationship.

Best Girl

Now I have found the one. The best girl of the season (Outside of Chihayafuru Shinobu sorry). As Sumireko is a funny and troll character. As she is just perfect in my eyes. Also f**k the main for saying this girl is ugly. As she is clearly the best looking girl in the series. But, hell if I know anything. But, she is a funny girl that can also be cute. As she spent some time making those cookies so Main can eat it. Then when the main protagonist said that she would go with his best friend. She was mad and I love that she loves this man for who he is and not looks.

The Relationship

One thing that I have to talk about is the main and Sumireko as they have this back and forth. To me it is hilarious as he is most honest with her and she is just crazy honest with him. As they meet everyday at the library and every time they talk to one another they talk about all these crazy experience to one another. So I hope that their relationship grows to something amazing.

Karma is a B***h

Wow, the ending of episode two was not expected. As Sun made both of the girls that had crushes on him. Help him so that he can get to Sumireko. Which is hilarious as they were mad at the protagonist for putting them in the same position as him. Then when they are all in the library together. Sumireko just has that grin on her face and I became hooked for the season.


This story has some Hensuki and some Gintama vibes and I most likely will cover this season. Making it two anime that I will be covering during the season. But, this one will be more of thoughts beside a full on step by step review. I hope that you can look forward for this series on Wednesdays and Chihayafuru greatness on Tuesdays. AS they will both be one hell of a ride. So until then,読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

3 thoughts on “When Your Best Friend Is the Protagonist | ORESUKI Are you the only one who loves me? Episode 1 & 2 Thoughts

  1. I was a bit skeptical towards this title at first but that second half for the first episode sold me. It’s such an interesting take on rom-com and i’m also eager to see what else it has in store.

    Also, I nominated you for the Sunshine Blogger Award. Kinda abrupt and off-topic, I know haha. My pingback notifications have been incredibly fishy lately and for some reason, none of my nominees seem to have gotten their notification. If you haven’t seen it, here is the link and I hope you’ll have a fun time answering the questions:

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