I’m Back | Chill Post #3

Well I have been on a little bit of a hiatus recently. Making it one of the longest droughts in a minute. I also made one of the biggest mistakes in my blog that I really thought that I would never make again. That being writing overload for the second time. I don’t know if it was the summer season or what. But, for about three or four weeks I was just blogging twice a day like it was normal. Then, I started enjoying it so I was wondering how long I can continue on for. During that time I was having fun then, life just hit me with midterms.

As when I was making those blogs I was strolling through my classes easily. Making my priorities blogging, then school, then work. But, the when midterms hit along with work needing me more. I was in a world where blogging was at the bottom of my three. And to be honest I hated that. Like sometimes I wish I could just have a year long vacation blogging and traveling around the world. As I was just work and school for a good two weeks. While also rushing with all of my blogs trying to keep two post a day. Then, I just crashed and stop blogging while also just feeling horrible at work.

But, enough about my lows as midterms are over. And time to talk about my highs. As this week I had an actually author of Age Matters, Enjelicious read one of my posts about his manga. Which to me made me really happy as I didn’t even know that the creator of Age Matters was so active in the community. As the author like my blog enough to retweet it on twitter. So that made my whole week thought the load of work that I had to do. So let’s talk about the 7 thought of the week. (still trying to make a name for it.

The Anime I Plan On Watching This Week

I plan on continuing my usals (that being Dr. Stone, Fire Force, Vinland Saga, Oresuki, and random Gintama). But, I feel like this week I will be more on the side of manga and manhwa

The Manga I Plan On Reading This Week

There is way too many to count for this week. But one that I can say it’s gonna be really fun catching up with is Tower of God. As that one is one that I put on hold for a minute. But I plan on at least reading season 2 this week.

A Blog Post That I Enjoyed Reading This Week?

One that I really liked reading this week was Irina’s Top 5 Reasons I Like the Anime Community. As her post made me really have more respect and love for the anime community as a whole. While making it truly feel like “a home for us weirdos”.

The Blog Post I Enjoyed Making This Week

The one that I really enjoyed making the most will always be the Grand Blue reviews. As this chapter was just another amazing addition to the series and I love it with all of my heart. The one that I really enjoyed the reception from this week is The Perfect Duo | Age Matters Thoughts, as that one I didn’t expect it to get recognition from the author. So that was a shocker

An Anime Episode I That I Really Enjoyed This Week

I have to say that Oresuki is really surprising me every episode. So I hope that they can pick it up in the future.

A Manga That I Enjoyed This Week

Well I have to say that Age Matters was on of the best love stories in this series. So I have to say that it made me really happy just seeing this story unfold. Their was also another, but I will save that for a post coming soon.

Character of the Week

Finally a seven question. Man were to choose from. Well if I had to pick only one I will say that this week will have to go to Rose Choi. As I will keep say that she is just an amazing woman with a beautiful soul.


No Questions this week. So I will finally put my twitter here @SakeDez and say that if you have any questions about anything. Anime, manga, or even myself as me on that or the comments below.


Well I finally made a post this week. So I am happy about that. But, what I am also happy about is that I am finally making a schedule so I balance all three. As in previous times it would be hectic. But, I finally am getting this blog thing down(I hope). So Until next time, thank you for reading and be great, my A&M people.

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