My Top 10 Arc In Anime/Manga History (2019 Edition)

Well time to do another end of the year list in October. With this time we will be talking about the top 10 arcs in anime and manga to me. As there are so many amazing arcs in fiction that makes me just amazes me on how great that they can be sometimes. So I will be talking about 10 series that i have to say is the greatest in my book. Meaning that you might not like this list. Btu, that never stopped me. So I will start with 2 honorable mentions and then will get into the top ten.

HM) Naruto | Chunin Exams

This is feeding a lot off of my nostalgia right now. It might have barely missed the top 10. But, this greatness made me the anime fan that I am today. As I will never forget Naruto vs Neji, Gara vs Rock Lee when this man dropped the weights. I lost my s*** as a child. I remember watching it week to week and it just killing me every time as it ended. Until I got to the point where I watched it online. Then I binge the whole Chunin Exams along with bleach. Thus making me the anime fan that I am today.

HM) Black Clover | Elf Evasion Arc

This arc was one that I have to say was an amazing read. The power ups were on another level. Yami proves why he was the GOAT. Asta and Yuno were both just amazing this arc. As they have time and time again surpassed their limits. Charmy had one of the most hyped chapters that I have seen in a while. The battle between what is right and wrong. The most overpowered antagonist in the series was just on some crack with his abilities. This was just amazing and I can not wait to see more of this series because of this arc.

Those are my honorable mentions that I just had to talk about. As they were just amazing and I could not stop thinking about them.

10) The Promised Neverland | Escape Arc

Now this arc is the greatest start to an anime franchise in manga history. This back and forth trying to escape. These children knowing nothing of the outside world. Battling the one that cared for them their whole lives. This arc made the promised neverland one of my favorite manga of all time in the very first arc. As to this day I still see the series as a masterpiece. As the story gets more and more interesting and I am lost in the mystery of the world.

9) Bleach | Soul Society

Now a long time ago if you asked me what my favorite manga in the big three. I would say one hundred percent bleach. As this arc to me was done amazingly. As I saw this man Ichigo go one on one with the GOAT of Kanpachi. Then to come in with no bankai and take out three luteniets with basic hand to hand combat. This arc was just that arc that man. Then the reveal of Aizen and all of his greatness made this whole series for me. I love Bleach and this is just one of those stories that I would love to see get another season.

8) Gintama | Farewell Shinsengumi

This arc was one of the most emotional arcs that I have ever watched in my history. This arc had the fights and the action on it was impeccable. It starts off with the greatest funeral that I have ever seen in anime. As when I saw that I was just crying that whole time. Like I really could not keep my emotions in this arc. Also this is arc has so much to it, I really can’t put into words. Just know that to me it is one of the most emotional arcs in anime history to me.

7) Monogatari Franchise | Ougi Dark

Now this arc is a masterpiece. It was the perfect way to end the story of Ougi. As this arc had so many revelations, so many questions were solved. Araragi making all of these sacrifices for everyone. This arc is the climax of the monogatari to me. This is the best arc in monogatari to me. This is just a masterpiece in my opinion.

6) Hunter X Hunter | Yorknew City

Now this is one of the rare arc’s were Gon takes a back seat. As Kuripica takes on the Phantom troupe. Who to me are an amazing group of antagonist that keeps getting better as the story progress deeper. This arc being a perfect way to start off their amazing and deep characters. So I just love everything about this arc.

5) Attack On Titan | Wall Maria

This arc was the definition of hype. The character of Erwin is greatness. The greatness overall this arc was just at a whole other level. Mikasa was clean with the spin moves, Levi going beast mode, Erin getting poetic justice on the man that made him this way. This was a masterpiece of an arc and I only have praises for it.

4) One Piece | Alabasta Saga

It’s kinda funny when people ask me. What is the best arc in the anime of One Piece. As I always say it is the Alabasta Arc. As I feel that it is one of the best stories that I have ever seen. The fights that they had in this arc. To the savage character and one of my very favorites in Crocodile. I love this arc. As it make me happy everytime I see the whole crew fight and give it their all in this. As you see Nami, giving it her all against Ms. Doublefinger. You see Zoro cutting Steel and having an amazing moment in this arc. You see all of the crew give their all this arc. Saving this country and giving it rain. I love this arc and everything that it is about. As I just am happy every time that I see this amazing arc.

3) Hunter X Hunter | Chimera Ant Arc

The philosophy, the emotions, light and darkness, love and hate. The duality in the characters of Merum and Gon. The realizations of what is humanity. Become human games that will make you think until the very end. This is an amazing story that I can not stop thinking about every time. As it makes me speechless on some moment. I get goosebumps to this day every time I see Pitou face Gon while healing Komugi. Seeing the discuss on his face and the battle going on in his head. Killua this arc gave birth to God Speed. As it is just at another level of his greatness in being an amazing character. Their is so much to this arc that for a while I contemplated if this would be number one. But, it sadly was at three.

2) Gintama | Silver Soul

The Silver Soul Arc is an arc that brings back everyone. When I say everyone, I mean every person that has lived in that city. Every person that has made this story amazing. Every person that has been on this journey with us. Comes all together to finally bring this masterpiece to an end. Their are so many stories touch upon. There are so many things brought to frointon. This arc is one of the only arcs to bring me to tears and laughter in the same day. This has fights, this has the comedy, this event has the perfect epilogue. As this is Gintama and it is my second favorite arc in fiction.

1) Kingdom | Coalition Army

Now this and two I fought over a lot to decide which one will be the one to come out on top. Boy when I was rereading this arc. I remembered that this is the only story that made me call out on my job so I can read this arc. The politics in this, Ei Sei ultimate gamble, THE DUKKKEEEEEEE!!!!!!, Moubu’s fight for being the world’s strongest, and Shin just being himself. It started out crazy as hell too. Like imagine this you are about to go to war with one country. Then you hear you gotta face two, then three, then all six of the states against you. All that in one chapter too. THis is an amazing arc that I can say is a masterpiece.


That was probably one of my longest post in a while. But thank you for reading that as the top three was really hard to choose from on another. But, these are all of my favorite arcs as of 2019. Maybe a series that is gonna have their final season next fall might surpass it. As every year these anime make new and interesting arc that surpass one another. As they make the narrative even more and more interesting evolving their own stories and becoming more and more insane. So thank you for reading this and hope you are great my A&M people.

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