Joro Is a Good Dude | ORESUKI Are you the only one who loves me? Episode 3 Review

This anime is one that I really had zero. When I say zero I mean I picked this up on a whim and really didn’t think that it would come out to be so amazing. As this is to me a contender, I know that it might not be in the three as the heavyweights are going all out this season. I just want to give protection to such an amazing series. So let’s talk about episode 3 called “I Was Meeting You”.


So we get the fated confrontation between the harem protagonist and the background character. As they have their fated encounter. The girls are just being horrible as always. As they blame him for everything and backs him into an inescapable corner. So he has only one option left.

Joro finally snaps

This man goes all out on the girls for using him. Telling them how the abused his kindness so that they can get with Sun. Then having the audacity to call him childhood friend and cute underclassmen. While this was happening I was just clapping in the background for him. But, Sumi makes sure that all the air is out. So then we get to see Sumi’s expert stalking skills. As she says a line that he said in his room. As he said whoever he doesn’t pick will be mine. Then Sun-chan straight up punches this man. Ending there ever lasting friendship that he thought would last forever.

World Against Joro

Man, I just want to say f*** highschool students. They are always in other people’s business and just listens to the rumors. As after his bought with Sun. The whole school turned against him for a week. As they messed with his shoes, put random s**t on his desk. While leaving him isolated from his best girl and everyone else. As all hope is lost Best girl texted him to go to the library and do something for him. She then tricks him to be hidden in the library to hear her conversation with Joro.

Sun-Chan True Colors

Man, everyone in this whole anime are lowkey bad people. Like Joro is understandable as he just wanted to live the normal anime highschool harem protagonist. But, he found two women who would abuse his kindness for their own actions. Then Joro, who I thought was the dumb harem protagonist. Is a horrible person too. Like man all yall are some bad people and should remain lonely for the rest of your lives.

How She Fell for him

This is a story that I really was curious about. As she fell for him for his aboutslute kindness and care for his a**hole of a friend. As she saw him at the north gate of the crazy baseball game. (I was happy that we covered all of the exits as I was just in complete wonder who was gonna be in the north gate. But it ended up being Joro. Waiting for his best friend in the blazing sun patiently for this man.

Joro is Good Dude

I just want to stretch this again in saying that Joro is a good dude that cares for his friends. One that is a kind person. One that when finding out that his friend like Best girl. He went to her and asked if she felt anything toward him. Even saying that he is way better than himself. Man, Joro just an overall GOOD DUDE MAN.

F*** Sun-chan

Also I realize form these events. That Sun only loved best girl for her body. As he was really about to go Donovan form Berserk on her. In the mother f***in library at that. Like this man leave. Get this man Joro to defend his future wife. He does and we get a lot of development here. As each week this story makes me wonder what will happen next.

The Girls were in hiding too

Also fun fact I guess the trash sisters were hiding in the background also as they heard the whole conversation from the beginning. So what I wonder is how big is this library and how quiet are these people to have three people hidden for this whole conversation.

Sumireko is a best girl contender of the year

I just wanted to state this again that she is possibly the best girl of the season as long as Chihayafuru greatness doesn’t show shinobu for the first 12 episodes. She is the best girl of fall.

Back to Normal

Well after all of the craziest everything is back to normal. As Joro is explaining everything to best girl. She is just happy that he came back despite saying that he would never come again. Then she decides to reveal her true self to him.

The Reveal of Sumireko

I love anime logic sometimes. As this is just mind boggling that the whole school thinks that she is ugly except for like Sun. But, then under all of it she is a huge breasted, beautiful eyed woman. Also I just realized that she just striped naked in front of him in the library. To make me realize that you truly can get away with almost anything.

Tsundere Joro

I still like after the reveal of her. He still hates her personality instead of doing a 180. But, I am happy that they did this reveal soon. Instead of the end of the season. As now we get to see our male tsundere fall for best girl. So I am happy to see how their relationship develops.


Man, 3 episodes in and I have to say that this is an amazing so far. As it has amazing plot twist that I am not expecting at all. I have also grow to respect the character of Joro. While also hating the character of Sun. Who really made me hate him this episode. I can’t wait to what happens next. So until next then, 読んでくれてありがとう my A&M people.

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