So I Caught Up To Solo Leveling…

So I caught up to Solo Leveling and I just have to say that it is amazing. I have been taking my time with the series and I have made it all the way to the chapter 89 that just came out. Boy was that chapter emotional as hell. I have to say, chapter 89 almost made me cry. It was amazing and it makes the series worth the hype that it has. Now I am gonna talk about five points why this series is amazing and why I plan on covering this series biweekly in the future.


Now I wish that Manwha was the standard for some series. As everytime that I scroll down and see this greatness I am just lost in how beautiful these panels are. As it depicts the world from multiple stand points from lands of ice, to lands of fire. The places where Jin has amazing battles and everything that he does is just beautifully drawn in color.

Politics & World Building

Now this is the part of the series that makes me the most excited. AS where we are now, we are getting introduced into more of the world. As we see the guilds and how the try to obtain power along with other things. We get hints at future events in the series with these ants coming out. The National Rank hunters are something that I can’t wait to learn more about. Along with the group or system that is controlling the world and the ones that gave him his powers.


Out of all the abilities that you can have as an anime character. I always thought that just having lightning powers would always be the best. But, when I saw the arise seen. I lost my shit for my boy Jin Woo. As this man has the ability to bring people back from the dead to make him his shadow army. He powers are so amazing and unlimited that I really don’t know where it will stop. Plus everytime he adds someone to his undead army I am just hype up every time with their undead design. Also Igris is the GOAT.

Amazing Antagonist

Now all of the antagonist in the series that have talked. Are all very interesting to me. Epieceally the Ice Monsters that Jin fought in snowy area. As when this man had that Grin I just lost it.

Amazing Main Character

Now time to talk about the main reason I love this series. The character of Jin Woo. This man came from being the world’s weakest to possibly the world’s strongest. As he in this show has a goal that he has not strayed from once. He is not about the fame and glamour. He is just trying to level up for the people that he cares about. As every chance he has he fights to make his mother better.


I love this series so much. That in the near future I plan on covering this biweekly along with black clover. As both of them side by side are amazing series. Ones that I want to talk about every week. As this last chapter is one of the best with no action whatsoever. The world has only begun and I am ready for this ride from beginning to end.

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