3 Random Fights I Love [Unfiltered A&M Talk #11]

Alright time for me to talk about some nonsense as this is an unfiltered. As I just wanted to talk about three random fight scenes I loved. But, I really didn’t want to make a top 10 or 5. As some of these fights are ones that I just re watched and loved. As today I really just spent the day on YouTube re-watching some classics. So I just want to briefly discuss about random fight scenes that I plan one talking about in the future. But, I haven’t had enough time to articulate my words. So here my current thoughts about them at the moment,

Luffy Vs Katakuri | One Piece

I was watching this fight scene since it was on my recommendation and I watched it a while ago when it first came out. But, upon rewatch I still love that fight with all my heart. As that is one of those fight scenes that has so much morales and pure respect in it. As this fight made Katakuri one of my favorite characters in One Piece franchise. I just have to say that Oda better give us some more of this amazing character.

Metal Bat Vs Garou | One Punch Man (Manga Only)

Now this fight in the anime was okay. But, when I read this in the manga. It was on a whole other level my guy. The craziness that the manga showed with Garou going beyond his limits. Then, to see this man Metal Bat just not going down. It was just amazing and made both of these characters on another level. If you ever wondered who is my favorite character in One Punch Man is, I will always say that it is one of these two amazing characters. As they are both amazing in their own right.

Shinobu Vs Araragi | Kizumonogatari III

Today I also purchased the KizuMonogatari movies on Amazon. As today I rewatched the third movie and that fight between Araragi and Shinobu was so amazing. Not only from a visual standpoint but from an emotional standpoint. As in the beginning before they fought. Shinobu and Araragi on all of his hypocrisy. They when they fought I had comedy, emotion, and pure epicness. As they went all out. THen the ending of this fight forming the greatest bond in anime history.


Well this is the filler post of the month. As I am making some amazing posts in the future. If you made it this far I will give you the titles of them : Food Wars Rewrite By Dez and Anime’s Strongest Bond Shinobu and Araragi. They are two projects that I am trying to perfect and it is taking some time. But, trust me when they come out they will be crazy. So thanks for reading and until next time, be great my A&M people.

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