The Fire Sisters | Monogatari Girls Quick Thoughts Part 3

Alright time to talk about some more of the monogatari girls. As today I will be covering the Fire sisters aka Karen and Tsukihi Araragi. As they both are really good characters to me. As in Nisemonogatari, Karen shined as she finally got her debut. While Tsukihi on the other hand is one of the best characters in the series to me. But, she is very underused in this series. Which to me is one of the very few flaws that this series has. So time for some quick thoughts on them.

Karen Araragi

Alright when I see this character the first thing that I think about is the toothbrush scene. As that scene will forever be edged in my head for the rest of history. Like really out of all the scenes in anime history this one was the most creative fan service moment in anime history. I would have never in my lifetime until I watched Monogatari say that a series made brushing your teeth sexual. I was just in utter silence with my mouth open during the whole scene.

Enough of the toothbrush scene as the character of Karen is so fun and has an energetic attitude that I love to see when she is on the screen. I love her relationship with Araragi after she decided that she wanted to be a cute sister to him (despite both of them having a really unhealthy relationship). As they have grown together she has also had a very good relationship with Kanburu. I can’t wait to rewatch Nisemonogatari and read the books to learn even more about her character.

Tsukihi Araragi

Now she is a very interesting character that we haven’t learned much about. Like think about this, she is an immortal phoenix. It is something that I forgot until I rewatched the Nisemonogatari scene when Ononoki basically murdered her. Then became her doll weird enough. I am really interested to read about her in the light novels to see if she is emphasized more in the series.

Also her relationship with Araragi is maybe a little bit worse than Karen. As we have seen this man kiss her. (Even though the kiss was to determine if Araragi felt that she was his sister). We have seen this man push Tsukihi down on the ground and group her breast. While also seeing in Owarimonogatari Tsukihi was ready to have another kiss with this man. (While being naked in a bath together I might add.) I just say Araragi really wants to go to jail one day.


Man, those girls are something. I can’t wait to do a review on them in the near future. As they are both very interesting characters to me in this series. More interesting that people think. The might be the most disliked out of all the Monogatari girls. But, to me they are the most underrated. Well thanks for reading my quick thoughts on these two amazing sisters. Until next time when we talk about Ononoki and my queen Shinobu be great.

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