BEST Anime Of Fall | Sunday Chill Post #4

Alright time for another chill post as this week I am actually stick to a schedule. While also becoming more organized in the process. I feel a lot better as a person in the process. So I am just happy about that. I am finally caught up with all of my college work and I now am back were I can chill and read manga and talk about it in my post. So that is how I am feeling right now. Something that I also wondered is how are you doing and how has your week been. I never really asked that before. But, I really am curious so comment that below. If not then I just hope you have a good week. So let’s get on with the seven.

The Anime I Plan On Watching This Week

The number one anime that I have been anticipating science I fished season 2 of the greatness of Chihayafuru. As this is a full two cour series that I plan on covering every week. So will be a fun ride.

The Manga I Plan On Reading This Week

Manga now with me is something that I read at random. Like anime I can have a plan. Due to it coming out weekly a such. Also it is longer to consume with the watch time. But, with manga I can read 100 chapters in a night just because I feel like it. But, if you want a concrete answer, I still plan on reading Tower Of God season 2. I just have been read many different series so I keep forgetting to pick it up.

A Blog Post That I Enjoyed Reading This Week?

My Top Ten Anime of All Time by Jiraiyan as it is always interesting on other people’s stance on anime. Though I wonder where Gintama would fit on his list.

The Blog Post I Enjoyed Making This Week

I would have to say that My Top 10 Arc In Anime/Manga History (2019 Edition) post was the one that I had the most fun making this week. As it was fun talking about arcs that I love with a passion.

An Anime Episode I That I Really Enjoyed This Week

I rewatch the Kizumonogatari films this week. Along with the Ougi Dark Arc of Owarimonogatari. I still have to say that if Gintama didn’t exist this would be my favorite anime in history. Maybe the greatest work of fiction that I have ever consumed.

A Manga That I Enjoyed This Week

I blame Iskidee for this but I got hooked on Mage & Demon. It is one of the greatest Yuri love stories that I have ever read. As it was just beautiful to me. The latest chapters also make me love their relationship even more than I already am.

Character of the Week

It has to go to Mage. Like she is so devoted to loving the Demon Queen that she was willing to kill her party members. She was willing to die multiple times. She was willing to tame the ultimate tsundere for her love. So that made me give her an amazing respect overall.


No Q&A so I will just give a random fact about myself. I am graduating with my AA in business this December. So I will finally be moving out of my moms house at the end of the year.


This was my chill post. Hope you guys are doing alright, don’t waste your time on worries as most of them never happen. Thanks for reading and be great my A&M people.

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