Top 50 Anime Characters (2019 Edition) Part 1 (50-41)

Alright time to talk about the 2nd biggest list of all my end of the year list. Now I will make a couple of rules for this list. No limits on characters in a series, this is my complete bias, and I haven’t seen every anime and read every manga in the world. So forgive me for that. This list will be broken up into 6 parts and will be published every Monday. So here are my top 50 anime and manga characters of 2019.

50. Asta (Black Clover)

Okay time to start off the list with one of my favorite characters of black Clover being Asta. As through the whole anime of Black Clover he has just keep his mindset to the fullest. As despite being without any mana, having his rival Yuno(who sadly was 54 on my the character list) be better than him in every way, and just having everything in the world against him. He has not and will not give up on his dream to become the Wizard King.

49. Claudine (Shoujo Kageki Revue Starlight)

Now out of all people on the top 50. This might be the oddest on the whole list. But, to me Cladine from Starlight is amazing. As she competes with the number one girl as her rival. Despite not being the number one in the talent department she trains to the point that Maya sees her alone as her rival in the series. There is a lot more to her character that I won’t spoil. But, know that she is that chick man.

48. Ken (Sun Ken Rock)

Now Sun Ken Rock is a series that is either amazing or terrible in people’s eyes. As for me I waver but, one thing that I never waver on is the character of Ken. As this man is the leader of the mafia in Korea. But, he makes sure that under his rule. That people will never treat people with disrespect and he listens to everyone’s story. As every time he recruits someone into his mafia I am just happy every time. 

47. Megumi (Food Wars)

Now Food Wars is going on a downward spiral. As the manga ended like s*** and the anime has dipped so low in animation that it hurts. But, the one shining light I say is in this anime is the character of Megumi. As she is to me the best written character that they made. Even with all of the Ls that she clearly didn’t deserve and got screwed on. She still says her amazing self. I just say that she deserved better man. Hell if food wars ended better she probably would have been in the top 20 maybe ten.

46. Busujima (Grand Blue) 

Now she is a really underrated character in Grand Blue to me. As her chemistry with Iori and her come up from where she began. She to me is a character that I don’t mind Iori ending up with and I am not gonna like. Bitch Chan to me is a really good character and I hope we see more of her in the future. 

45. Yami (To Love Ru Franchise)

I have made a hole profile on this amazing character (quick plug) and I have to say she is a masterpiece and sadly the only To Love Ru Girl in my list. As she is someone that I have to say is probably the best written character in To Love Ru from a writing standpoint. 

44.Gon Freecss ( Hunter X Hunter) 

Now I love his character as one that is not a person that is a normal shonen protagonist. Similar to Goku and Naruto. As he is dimwitted, and childish at times. But, imagine you put him in a dark world with consequences for his actions. Gon is a deep character that suffers for all of his risky decisions he makes. I love in the Chimera Ant arc where he is changeling mentally to the highest degree of his being. Having to go against all of his hatred and battling everything in his mind. Gon is such deep character that I really need to make a whole post dedicated to him. 

43. Asuza (Grand Blue) 

Now Asuza is a character that I love. She is someone that is just like the older sister that cares for everyone. While also just being one of the bros. Like legit I don’t know who is worst at striping when it comes to all of the characters in Grand Blue. But, then she also has these deep moments that just makes me love her character more. This year she just hasn’t had the screen time in the longest and that is the main reason that she is this low.

42. Jacuzzi (Baccano) 

Now to me this man is just the ultimate gentlemen. As he really cares for his girl to the max. Making sure that the girl that he loves is not in shame of her burn marks as he got a huge face tattoo as a child. So they would get made fun of together. This man is an amazing character and a gentleman to the highest esteem. While also being an amazing mafia boss and leader. 

41. Duke Hyou (Kingdom) 

Now every time I see him. I just hear don’t let your fire die out. I get goosebumps. As his amazing character is just one amazing piece of Kingdom. As he was a great mentor to Shin and a man that is just plain insane at time. I love his savagery and just overall leadership in this manga and he deserves the top spot for the day.


Well that is the first quart of my list. I am looking at this and I already want to change it. But, I it is what it is. This is gonna be a fun ride for this ranking so I can wait to see who is at the top. But if you know me you’re already know who is number one. But, until next time, thanks for reading and be great my A&M people. 

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