7 Predictions for the 2019-20 NBA Season

NANI? A non anime post on my blog. What is this blasphemy. Well fun fact if you didn’t know my first post on my blog ever was 8 Predictions for the 2018-19 NBA Season. So as I am patiently waiting for Chihayafuru Season 3 I decided to commemorate my first post ever in making another prediction post.

Defensive Player of the year will go to the Brow

Now I truly believe that last year he was the best defensive player when healthy. As he is just an overall amazing prospect that has a lot to learn about.

Ben Simmons Shoots 5 threes in a game.

Now I now when this man dropped one three the world stood still. Note this was also preseason against a non NBA team. But, I believe that one game this season Ben Simmons is gonna straight up drop 5. Not one, not two, but five my guy.

Markelle Flutz will finally becomes Great

I said this last year and I truly believe that this year is the year now. As Markelle Flutz is slowly becoming his former self. Maybe even surpass his former self. Sooner or later the Orlando Magic will give this man a chance and I truly believe that he will become a better person.

Devin Booker is Traded To Minnesota

I personally want Devin free. He has struggled enough in this horrible front office and I just say that it is enough. Who is the best team to trade for him? I say that the Timberwolves with Towns gives me a Kobe Shaq feel.

Tyler Herro ROTY

Now I believe in this man since we drafted him. I kept wondering on how is he gonna face the monster that is Zion. Until I saw that he is injured for the first 6 to 8 weeks of the season. I am just saying that if Herro can produce the same as he is doing in this offseason. Along with the ultimate mentor in Jimmy Butler. This man is gonna be the best rookie this year.

BOLD PREDICTION: Jimmy Butler is the MVP

Now this might be the Miami Heat fan in my veins. But, I love the team that we have. I feel like that we are deeper than people think. With Jimmy at the helm, leading us in the right direction I might be crazy, but I believe that he is gonna be the MVP of the league.


I love the NBA and I just felt like talking about it. I know that this is mainly an anime blog site. But, I have an S in my blog name for a reason. So thank you for reading this random sports blog in an anime blogging site. Until next time be great my sports people.

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