GREATNESS!!!!!!!!!! | Chihayafuru 3 Episode 1 Review

Welcome Back to that CHIHAYAFURU GREATNESS!!!!!

Okay I think I have to calm down a little bit. As I was never so happy watching a new episode in such a long time. Also on a side note this is an anime of the season. Nothing comes close my guy. As this was just one of those amazing episodes that just makes me happy for the season as a whole to come. So let’s talk about the masterpiece of Chihayafuru season 3 episode 1 called “May it be that I find”.

Back to the Past

Now we start the anime with a glimpse back to the past. Showing us how it all began with the amazing trio of Tachi, Arata, and Chihaya. Then we get to see Chihaya as a child. Who is still kurata crazy from the beginning. As we get to she her play some track and it is always fun to imagine what she would do without the amazing game.

As in another universe she could have been Usan Bolt. But, in order to convince Chihaya to join the track team. I believe the president came to her to play a game of kurata. Then we get an explanation about the amazing game of kurata.

Opening OF THE YEAR!!!

Right now as I am typing this I am listening to this amazing op on repeat. I just have to say that this is the opening of the year. As the song COLORFUL by 99RadioService was just amazing. Especially when it hits that high note OMFG. Also the visuals in this OP are reminiscing of all the amazing times that we have had in the past 50 episodes. This was just a masterful way to put back the hype and the greatness of this anime. This wasn’t even the main part of the episode.


As we hop into the episode we see Tachi and Chihaya were they were left at the end of season 2. As they prepare and train for the future. But, this time they are under the watch of Fujisaki and the amazing coach and best girl of the day coach Sakurazawa. As she puts these guys through an extreme training regime working their whole body and mind.

As they went through multiple tests including mountain running, constant kurata games, and just overall hard work. I am happy that these two(Chihaya and Tachi) went through this as they are getting some go work and improvements.


Speaking of Tachi I just want to say that he is finally at an elite level. As he is just man handling these people. As in this training he went undefeated in all of his kurata matches. One that also includes a left handed Chihaya. I have to say that Tachi might be at Arata level now as he is getting better and better every moment. So I can’t wait to see that in the future. Also I love how much better of a person he has become since the beginning of this series. He truly is one of the most improved characters in anime history.


This episode just reminds me on how great Chihaya is and how much of an amazing yet simple character she is. As she is so happy and hyped playing everyone in kurata. While also being super shy and avoidant towards conversations towards loves. Looking as adorable as ever.

Chihaya is a blessing in this world and I just hope the best for her. Also, I was so happy when the coach who stated personally that she never gives advice during matches. Gave advice to Chihaya proving that this coach believes that Chihaya has Queen potential. Even more than her prodigy in Rion.

Coach Sakurazawa

Speaking of best coach Sakurazawa. I just have to say I have a lot more respect for her finding out that she was a 5 time runner up. But, never became the queen. Maybe leading to her colder heart compared to others. I wonder how much of a relationship between her and the Rion will grow and maybe find a passion besides rice.


Rion is a character that I am really interested to see more about in the future. As she is someone who plays kurata for rice. So…. that is interesting. As she has a possibility to become the queen and she will be a force in the future.Also I am curious on how her relationship with the president will go. As I am now rooting for them in the future.


We also get to see some of the crew and their greatness this episode and I am just overall hyped how they will be in the future. Also we get some Kana greatness right there so I am not gonna complain.


This was amazing just seeing everyone back. Seeing the amazing game that we all love. Thinking of the overall development of the series. I am just happy that I can be a part of this amazing ride and I will see you next week and the next 24 as I do plan on covering this series in full. As this is greatness and I can’t wait to see more of it. So until next time, thank you for reading this post and be great my kurata people.

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