Gintama Level Comedy | ORESUKI Are you the only one who loves me? Episode 4 Review

Bruh, I have not laughed so much during an anime episode in a good minute. Like I have moments with like Kaguya Sama and maybe Hensuki. But, for a whole entire episode to have me rolling laughing. I have not done that since watching shows like Konosuba, Grand Blue, and the GOAT of Gintama. As this episode just had everything to me. The fourth wall comedy that I have not had in so long.

Sumireko is Wife Material

I want to start off by saying that the relationship between these two are amazing. As their back and forth in the library gives me Araragi and Senjougahara vibes. A Sumireko is the best person that Joro can have in his life. As she pushed him to be honest with himself and a better person for it. While also making him muffins that he is to Tsundere to say that he loves. So during their conversation she convinced him to make up with his friends instead of avoiding them by hiding in the library with her.

4th Wall Breaks

On a note with the fourth wall breaks. They are just having fun with them now. As Sumireko and Joro were just having a field day breaking the fourth wall this episode. As Joro was legit saying that we should calm down with the world battle arc. As we are only on episode 4. There are a lot more with both of them breaking the fourth wall. But man they are making this anime way too enjoyable for me. As I am laughing every time they break the fourth wall.

New Girl: Asunaro

We get a new girl that was in the OP. As she is a reporter for the school that Joro is really wary of. But has amazing chemistry with in the show. As she and him have an interesting back and forth in the little bit that we got with her. Then their conversation ended with Joro going to make up with Hinata. As she is struggling with her studies. As Joro was about to walk up and help her. Asunaro was ready to help her. But my man Joro remembered what his future wife said decided to walk up and talk to her. Deciding to wait for the right moment. Which is a good lesson in life that I gotta give props to the writer of the series for putting in.

Make Up with Hinata

I want to say that the make up with her was amazing. As they were screaming at one another trying to make up. Then they made up in the funniest way possible. They when Hinata ran up and hugged him saying that Joro name multiple times. I was laughing my a** off when Joro was repeating B**** a multitude of times back. While making the most funny face possible.

Makeup with Sun

Afterwards he decides to go make up with his former best friend Sun. With the help of Hinata and they made up as bros. Thanks to his conversations again with his future wife. As with them he was honest with himself and spoke the truth with Joro.

Poor Cosmo

Man it is understandable why Joro forgot about her. Due to her being an upperclassmen. While also his relationship with Joro and Hinata run deeper than with her. But, man I was legit laughing when she was starting to get pissed to the degree that Joro felt her presents. While also breaking the fourth wall and showing all the times he realized she was hidden.

Make Up with Cosmo

The make up with her was funny. As she was practicing making up with him with a chemistry dummy. Having all of these ideas of the perfect way that she was gonna make up with him. Then making him do all of these embarrassing things to make up with her.

Study Time

So with all of them together. They are all a lot more closer. As they all start to study together as friends. Which if you told me that this was going to happen last episode I wouldn’t have believed you. But, they are all together as friends making jokes with one another.

I Like Cosmos a Little Bit More Now

Also I hate to admit it. But, I like Cosmos a little bit more now this episode. As she was just overall funny with her being in the background waiting for her apology. Then having 5000 math questions to solve for the fun of it. I just have to say that her character is growing on my. She still is an ahole. But, she is slowly becoming a good character.

Monk Sun

I just want to note that this was just hilarious. Like I legit had to pause because I was so interested in the scene. Like I just was enjoying the scene overall. But, I still hate Sun.

Nice Peaceful Ending

Wow this is an amazing way to end a normal anime. As everyone is friends again and they are walking off into the sunset. (Waiting for the plot twist)

Joro’s New Motive

What was with Joro’s laugh and the music during that scene. Man this man could have ended the series peacefully. But, this man still want to be Rito from to love Ru, this man wants to be Takashi from Highschool of the Dead, this man trying to become the king called Araragi. As this man really still wants a harem ending.

But, the plus to his new motive. Is that he sees Sumeriko in his fantasies now. So I am happy that this whole day she was in this man’s head. While he was trying to make up with all of his friends. While thinking of being a harem protagonist. Hell I might you know to Sumireko tonight with some tissues. (YOU GOTTA CHILL MAN). I am just happy that their relationship is getting better everyday.

Time for some more Drama

Well this episode could end without some type of drama. As this episode ended with my reporter making a new news report. As we end the episode with news that Joro is a scumbag. While trying to get with three women at the same time. Which I can see totally. As everytime that she was with him. He first budded with her helping Hinata. Then went and chased her. Then he left a conversation with her to make up with Cosmo. But, I wonder if the third woman is her or best girl. Well we will find out next week.


Wow I didn’t expect to write this much but, this anime is just that good. As it just keeps climbing higher on my list. As if Chihayafuru was not here it would be my anime of the season. As this just has done everything amazingly. As I thought that this was gonna be trash. But, the comedy and the overall love that people have put into the amazing writing it is just an amazing ride. So I can’t wait to see what happens next. So until next week, thanks for reading and be great my A&M people.

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