Black Clover Squads: Silver Eagle

Alright I have been procrastinating to get these Black Clover Squad post out. So I decided that I would put these out on a schedule. So expect these every Thursday as this is gonna cover the remaining 4 squads. So that I can get these out of the way. To move on to the profiles that I am having so much fun putting together. So let’s talk about the most cocky squad being the Silver Eagles.


This Squad is mainly known to contain the Silva family. As many years ago Aiceir Silva was the captain of the Silver Eagle. Until she grew ill and died giving birth to Noelle. They having Nozel as the next captain of the Silva household. (That is my headcanon as there was no indication that a captain was their in between the too).

Nozel Silva

Nozel is the captain of the Silver Eagles. As I believe that he attained this status after his mother’s death. I have to say that this man in the beginning. Was the definition of Byakuya from Bleach. As he does care for his little sister. But, the thing that he does things that makes it interesting. I really like his character now and I hope that in the future that he becomes Wizard King. As he to me is just that dude. But, first things first is to remove whatever the hell is on your forehead man. Like think about this this man has someone personally braid his hair on a daily basis. As he thinks that that is a clean design.

Squad Members

Now out of all the guilds to join. I would have to say that this would be the second least likely Guild to join in the series. As Nozel younger siblings (Beside our lord and savior Noelle) are aholes. Like the way that they treat people because of their royalty status is ridiculous. As they are both just over privilege rich kid. Hell I don’t even know the rest of the guild but, if you have to deal with Solid on a daily basis. I might as well become a dark elf.


I hope one thing, that Noelle becomes the Captain of Silver Eagle after Nozel. Giving another middle finger to Solid. Showing that with hard work and never giving up anything is possible.


Now, that was a short one. As I am getting a little bit back to the grove. But, the next one is gonna be long one I guarantee that. As the next squad that I will be covering is the GOATs the Black Bulls. So that one is going to be fun. So until then, be great my A&M people.

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