Shinobu and Ononoki | Monogatari Girls Quick Thoughts Part 4

Time to talk briefly about the immortals in the Monogatari Franchise as today I will be talking about Shinobu and Ononoki. Two girls that Araragi has kissed on air. While also being Araragi’s connection to the supernatural world in Monogatari. Both of them also are two girls that I really like in the franchise as they both are just fun to have and have amazing chemistry with Araragi in this series. Now let me talk about them individually.

Shinobu Oshino (AKA Kiss-Shot Acerola-Orion Heart-Under-Blade)

See with Monogatari I am wired as everyone has their best girl. I have three that stand at a level where I really can’t rank them one above another. As Senjougahara is to me the perfect girlfriend in the anime. As her relationship with Araragi is amazing. Hanekawa is my favorite character as she has so much relatability to me that it is crazy. Like serious if you want to describe my life it is so similar to hers it is scary. Then their is Shinobu and her bond with Araragi is the reason I say that she is my waifu in the series. But, I really can’t put any of these girls above one another.

As Shinobu and her relationship with Araragi is masterful. As they together will suffer together till the end of time. As shells of their former selves, but they stay together. Growing closer to one another over the course of Monogatari. Until they reach a point where they are separated and they reform that bond that they have as they cannot have any other way. Their relationship is so beautiful that it to me is the greatest bond that I have ever seen in my life. Overall Shinobu is a masterpiece of a character that I am gonna have a blast reading light novels because of her character and I can’t wait to make her post.

Ononoki Yotsugi

Now Ononoki is just one of the most chill characters that I have ever watched. As this girl is emotionless throughout the whole series. But, through that she makes the greatest fourth wall jokes in the franchise. Also the back and forth with Araragi is amazing in this series. I love Ononok’s as she is always doing the most craziest of things in the background that I am always smiling while seeing.


I can say this for certain. This is my second favorite anime in history. The trials and tribulations that this series has put me through. The love, the lost the suffering, and even the comedy in masterpiece. I love this story more than anything and every character in this is amazing. So I am happy that you listen to my banter about two amazing characters. Next time I will be covering the main girls of Owari. So if you don’t know, I will be covering one of the greatest antagonists in anime history. Along with the girl that made me actually answer some math questions for fun. So until next time be great my A&M people.

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