East vs West Tournament Begins | Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 2 Review

Did Christmas come early this year as we got not one but two Chihayafuru Episodes today. So because of that I will do two separate posts due to having a lot to cover in these two episodes of greatness. So watch out for another post in an hour or two. So let’s talk about the episode called “The hazed early dawn light comes not from the moon”.

Arata Trying to form a team

We start the episode with Arata receiving an award for making 1st place in his tournament. After he did that her tried to recruit people. But, he is a very introverted person. So he is really embarrassed when saying it. But, he hasn’t managed to find people to join his team. So maybe in the future, I hope that he finds people to compete with Chihaya’s team. As he is as passionate as Chihaya about the game of kurata. So I can’t wait for more of that in the future.

Official Opening & Ending

I just want to say that the official visuals for the opening are amazing. While also the ending is really hype to hear. As it feels like we are about to go to battle after every episode. So I am very happy about the combo.

Team Reunion

We get a reunion between the Chihaya’s club. But, what interests me is that every was training very hard for the team tournament. Even Hanano who has grown a lot in this series. As I hope that she is ready to advance D rank.

Kana trying to ship

Also I like how Kana is representing every Chihaya and Taichi shipper. As she was mad that the two spent two days together and nothing happens. Hell Tachi is even more focused on kurata than ever now. So I am happy about it in the future.

Queen and Master Qualifier

Now we face a dilemma. As the qualifiers for Master and Queen are on the same day as the team tournament. I know for a fact that Tachi is going to the master over that. But Chihaya for some strange reason makes me feel like she can do both. But, I wonder if the young team can pull through.

Kana giving Chiyaha good mojo

I just want to say that Kana is the best girl of this episode. As she is just being amazing overall through the whole episode. Along with that she was just trying her best to give Chihaya some good luck (due to her very not so good luck). So I just like Kana giving some positive vibes.

East vs West tournament Begins

It is good seeing all of the old faces in this tournament. As it is gonna be a huge collection of matches between all of the major clubs. Including the players of Sudo, Fujisaki members, and Arata.

Chihaya taking queen seriously

Chihaya just has a different feel this time. As she is wearing a kimono as a queen would wear. For training on being the next queen. While she is being a lot more posie then she previously was. So I just love her game face.

Chihaya Ararata senses

I just want to say that Chihaya’s Arata senses are on another level. As I feel like if this man was hiding in the bushes she would just look at the bushes as instinct. But I like their interaction is so cute.

As Arata complimented Chihaya by calling her pretty and she made the most funny face. (Even though I ship Arata with the Queen). But, low key Arata get your game up man. We need you to be more extroverted bro.

Matches Begin

Now most of the matches where players against basically fodder (no offense) so the main cast made it through. But there were some pointers that I wanted to touch on though.

Ship is officially started

I just wanted to say that the ship has officially started people. We all have had this in the back of our minds. But now it is official. Also Kana is the best girl of the episode. I might add again. But, I love that Kana went to his match and even though he was fodderize.

Porky goes down

Sudo and Porky ended up having one of the longer matches. But, gave Sudo a challenge in the end. But, I am interested in the bet that they made. As Sudo and Tachi made a bet that the first person to lose will not participate in the Master qualifiers and Sudo just went through a tough one with porky.


I just have to say that this was an amazing episode. As we are in the thick of things. So I can’t wait till next week. Wait I mean now. Because we have been blessed with another episode of the Chihayafuru greatness. So I will either post that in two hours or I will sleep. So until very soon be great my A&M people.

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