Rion is Improving Plus New Rival | Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 3 Review

Alright time to talk about the second episode of the doubleheader yesterday. As we got two episodes of Chihayafuru in one day. The first episode was a really good set up to this episode. As it was the set up for a multitude of interesting matchups. Also we got introduced to a new rival. So let’s talk about the 3rd episode of Chihayafuru season 3 called “But from the crystal white snow of Yoshino.”

Former Queen Returns

We start the episode with the introduction the the former queen and now mother. As she was out of commision to have a family. But, it is crazy to think that this woman at one time was such an amazing player. That will be a rival in the future.

Arata and Taichi

Now this interaction with them was good and bad. As we got to see these two interact. Which neither of them do at all. I was happy when Tachi was having fun talking to him as an old friend. But, when Tachi heard that Arata was trying to make a team. He felt some way. I can understand because it is another thing for him to overcome.


Man I know he is gonna get hate for the way that he left. Even I felt some type of way during that time. But, after cooling off the moment. I have to say that he needs a little bit more of improving. As he is still a flawed character that needs a lot more improving. But, it did throw him off during the tournament.

Match Ups

Now all of these match ups are really interesting. But the one that interested me the most was the Rion and the Sudo battle. As they are both elite in their own right. Also I really it was kinda funny when Kana is trying to learn more about being a card reader. When this guy is checking twitter she is talking all of these notes. But, she gets a first class seat to everything so this is gonna be fun.

Chihaya Vs Runner Up Master

Chihaya is on another level now. Proving that she can go up against a runner up Master. (Even though he took a lot of time off). She has grown a lot in this anime. Seeing her against him. Having moves similar to Shinobu with the silence. I can’t wait for their rematch in the future

Teacher Chihaya

Speaking about the future. It looks like Chihaya is gonna be a teacher in the future. I can’t imagine her as a teacher but who knows. I just know that her classes are gonna be fun. Also she plans on being the club advisor. So best believe that she is gonna be at killing her students in training like Coach S.

Arata Vs Former Queen Yumi

Arata always played calm and collected. But, seeing this now, I feel like he has this tournament in the bag. As even though she used all of her tricks. She was not a match for him. So I am saying this right now Arata is taking the gold at the end of the day.

Taichi Vs Fodder

I am happy that the bros knock some sense into him. Due to after that conversation with Arata he has been struggling with my guy. Like he has just been losing to a slow player. Showing that even if you are amazing. If you have a lot on your mind then you can’t play right. But, he gets the sense knocked into him a then fodderized the fodder.

Mom was the Coach S rival

Wow Mom has such a similar attitude like Goku or Gon. As she seems like she was the main protagonist that has already had her run in a Chiahayafuru sequel and has achieved everything. But, just wanted to get out of the retired live. As she is very dangerous for her standing. Hell I might even say that maybe even Shinobu might lose..(LET ME CHILL ON MY QUEEN’S SLANDER REAL QUICK)

Rion Vs Sudo

Rion is becoming a better person. As both me and best girl of the episode Coach S sees her making a push to be a better player for more than just rice. As she really likes playing more and more. Hell I might even say that she has a possibility to play against the queen. Out of all of the matches this one was the most exciting to me personally. But, Sudo I like your character, but don’t be sexist. Cause Shinobu would come in here and make you feel like garbage real quick.

Chihaya Vs Inokuma

This one is going to be very interesting. As we get to see Mama vs Chihaya. As we go a little bit of their pace as they both grabbed Chihaya’s card at the same time. While also this mom is a former queen. One that has won it and defended it for multiple years until childbirth. So this is gonna be a fun matchup next episode.


Glad I got this done in time as there was a lot to talk about in this episode. I can’t wait to see what happens next week as Chihaya has a tough competitor next episode. We haven’t seen who Tachi and Ararata will face in the next round. So until the next time of this greatness. Thanks for reading and be great my A&M people.

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