Black Clover Squads: Black Bulls

Time to talk about one of my favorite squads in the Clover Kingdom being the one and only Black Bulls. As they are the craziest and the deepest in characters out of all of the squads in the Clover Kingdom. As we will be talking about Yami, Asta, Noelle, and the rest of the Black Bulls who are all amazing in their own right. So let’s get it.

The Black Bulls

Well they are not the most prestigious group as until Asta and Noelle came into the fray. They were constantly in the bottom of the squad rankings Even having negative points at the time. But, what is more shocking is the duo of the two as they made this lazy/disaterace group of people into a better overall group due to that. As they both pushed the Bulls to greater heights. As they brought them from last place of the squad rankings to second place in only a year.


The head of this crazy group of people is the captain of the Black Bulls Yami. As the way that he recruited all of his members is in the craziest of ways. As with most of them he just popped up out of nowhere and just said join me. Or he just accepted people with major flaws. Like lolicons, unmastered magic, straight crazy, or just curse. But he takes in anyone with a good heart. But, to be honest, he is a little bit of a hard a** at times. But, is a good captain and leader of the bulls.


Now Asta is a really good character that I want to talk about in depth one day. As him and his motivation to be the wizard king is one of the driving forces for the whole black bulls. While also him along with Yami has helped make the Black Bulls better people. So I am happy about that. I can’t wait to see more of him and his interactions with the black bulls in the future.


Now Noelle is my favorite character in Black Clover if you didn’t know as she is so f**king underrated man. She has such an amazing journey through the manga that I just loved. As she slowly but surely learned to improve her mana control. Along with building a deep bond with Asta throughout the story. I just love her come up story and her shyness towards Asta. Also, I just want to say that she a good written shounen female protagonist. Which is really hard to find in manga some days. I will write a lot about her character in the future someday. As I really didn’t touch on her greatness.

Black Bull Members

Now you have characters like Charmy who is a foodie. You have a Lolicon that is not even afraid to hide it. You have a drunk exiled witch. Some stalkers, some ladies man, and just overall crazy people mixed in this crazy group. Who all have deep characters and amazing history. All brought together by one crazy man.

Future of The Black Bulls

Also one thing that I hope for the future of the Black Bulls is a vice captain announcement. As Luck, Henry, Venessa, Charmy, and Noelle. To me are all possible candidates for that spot(and maybe Asta too). As I just hope that they give someone that title. Unlike One Piece where there is not a confirmed first mate. But, we all know that it is Zoro. So I just hope that they touch on that.


I am happy that I got to talk about the Black Bulls. As they are one of the strongest families in anime. Man, I forgot welcome to the new recruit of Nero. As she was just confirmed to be part of it a couple of chapters ago. Okay, next time will be talking about Golden Dawn. So that is gonna be very fun as this is the squad that I would least likely join out of all of the squads in the Clover Kingdom. So until then, thanks for reading and be great my A&M people.

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