Cosmos Is Hilarious | ORESUKI Are you the only one who loves me? Episode 5 Review

First I want to say sorry for the late post. With the Chihayafuru double header and work making me do double before my vacation on Monday I have been backed up on my post. But, I will say that this episode was amazing and I had a lot to talk about. So let’s get into this episode.

4th Wall is Completely Broken Now

Well to start off the 4th Wall in this anime is completely broken now. As the show is just have one hell of a ride. Just talking casually about his goals of being the rom-com protagonist. Talking about the animators losing some of their budget. Also just talking about the flashbacks in the show. It is amazing that they can keep this level of comedy so far in the anime.

Joro Rom-Con Protagonist

I have to say this now. Joro is one of the funniest main protagonists in anime. As he is basically Kazuma mix with Gintoki. As he is just being a a-hole at times. But also having some of the funniest moments with him speak some broken engris. But, his goal in this episode is to built his harem now which includes Asunaro now. As she has to ask him a question outside.


Speaking of her, she confronts Joro saying that she needed to speak with him. I know that he realized that he messed up thinking that she had feelings for him. But man still hasn’t learn after 4 episodes man. So they head outside and he sees his favorite person.

Its Back

I have to say this now. I was fully expecting the chair to come back. But, they took me for a loop for a minute. As for a while they were having a conversation beforehand. They when she said that she had something to say. Showing the bench in the middle of the whole rooftop.Then the bootleg star wars music played in the background Joro knew something bad was coming.

Blackmail Time

Asunaro believes that Joro is a sleazebag that lust after three women at once. (Which is not totally false since that is his motive after all.) After seeing him lust after Best girl in the baseball game again. So she plans to shadow him to see if he is truly a player as she took pictures of him with all three girls. (Despite not really having relations with them like that). So to prove his innocence he must not show he has those relations to every girl.

Cosmos Not Making it easy

Well this was not gonna be easy at all. With Cosmos and her manipulative ways. As she is just making everything sound like she has the biggest crush on him. As she was just making it more difficult on him. With Asunaro writing all of the bad that is happening proving him even more guilty.

They really are friends in this anime

Man they are really friends in this anime. As they are having a meeting about his situation. But, it is funny how best girl said we can get rid of these rumors when we get engan- and Joro stops before she even finishes. But, as Joro wanted to say away with everyone as this cools over. Cosmo refuses as she would be lonely without him (as a friend). So he tells her to be a little more separate and “act”


I just have to say, she might be a manipulator and a seductress. But, I have to say she can be funny as hell sometimes. As her heavy accent and her jut changing up her character when she is nervous is hilarious to me. So I say that she has earned my respect over these last two episodes.

Rumors Our School

Wow, Joro is now famous among the freshmen. As they call him the slipper man with a shoe fetish. Also this girl looks like she will be part of the future of the show. So it is going to be very interesting in the future.

Asuno want to dance

Well Asunaro clearly wants to dance. But, what I wonder is why she wants to dance. As she could not really have friends and Joro was a good friend to her. Or maybe Joro has a second girl after him. (Ha). But you see that she wants to dance with him but is too shy to ask.

Gintama Esk Scene

I just wanted to appreciate this Gintama like scene towards the animation studio. As it was just hilarious seeing them in that version.


I am not gonna say anything or comment. I will just leave these pics here.

Prep for Club

Now the prep for the club was overall fun. I just makes out more that they are really friends at heart. Which is crazy after all of the sh** that they went through.

News out plus new characters

Well after Asunaro shadowed Joro and his friends for the whole day. Realizing that he is not trying to get with these women. (Even though he actually is). The News is leaked and gets out. Causing Joro and his friend to separate for the time being before the festival. As they are separated however Asunaro find Joro to “luckily dance with him on the rooftop.

Asuno Motive?

I know that she has been wanting to dance with Joro. The reason I am looking for is why. I know for sure that she leaked that information on purpose. The thing that makes me curious is what is her end goal for all of this. As she is causing more mayhem for Joro and the others. As she cause this and maybe spread the rumor of the shoe fetish.

Cosmos Lurking

I don’t know what is happening. But, Cosmos is keeping an eye on this situation and has a scary face on her. Man I just have to day again Cosmos is becoming a better character every episode to me.


This was an amazing episode. Once again, sorry for the late post because of life and you can’t control it. I can’t wait to see what Cosmo does, find out Asunaro’s motive and just some more amazing comedy in this anime. But, thanks for reading and until next time be great my A&M people.

2 thoughts on “Cosmos Is Hilarious | ORESUKI Are you the only one who loves me? Episode 5 Review

  1. This series has been excellent so far. I’m loving the comedy and the way Joro constantly breaks the fourth wall, which is something I now normally a fan of. I can’t wait to see where this ends up.

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