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Now this was another manhwa that I picked up from Isikdee’s top webtoons. This is the third time that I have talked about it. As manhwa/webtoons is a beautiful world that people should get into and Isikdee’s post is a really good starter for it. As this series was the number one webtoon on their list. So I had to give it a read. After all of the amazing series that I have picked up on that post. And I have to say that it is well deserving of that number one ranking for a reason. As this was one of the best romance stories that I have read in awhile.

Dez Synopsis

The story is about this tsundere Demon Queen. Who is the most powerful being in the world. As she has powers beyond comprehension. No one has came close to beating her. Except one Mage that is very powerful and make the statement that after she defeats her she plans to make her, her bride. As our mage Malori never gives up on her love she keeps attempting to make the demon queen hers. I have to say I was hooked on the first panel and bingned all the way to the beginning of season 2. Without many spoilers the story gets so f**king good. Mainly due to our two main characters the Demon Queen and

The Tsune Demon Queen

Now the demon queen is an amazing character to me. As to be honest I am a sucker for tsundere characters and she is another amazing asset to the bank. As she cares for Malori. But, she has that Tsune personality so she can’t admit that she wants to be with her too. I love their dynamic with one another as they sound like an old married couple already. I love their dynamic with one another and they are just perfect with one another.

The GOAT Malori

I will make this statement right now. Malori is the GOAT. I say that because in normal anime when we get a tsundere character. We always get a main character that is hard to read the signals for the girl has feelings for her. Or just not caring for the women and never really persuses her unless there’s a huge realization at the end of the series. But, Malori is different my guy. As she fell in love with a tsundere, and when she fell in love with said tsundere she not only confessed to her multiple times. But, she said that I am gonna beat you. Not to save the world, not for her care for humanity. But, because she loves the demon queen that much.

She fails on numerous occasions. While also having demon queen kills her many times (She is in a world where reincarnation is like nothing so she’s good). But, despite the multiple killings that she does toward Malori. Despite the constant rejection from the Demon Queen. She continues on with a smile on her face to face every chance she gets. Until she makes the demon queen her f**king bride. Man I love Malori and she is so amazingly written. As she gives me vibes of a previous GOAT name Naofumi (Tsuredere Children) mix with a little bit of Rem (Re: Zero) and Mako (Kill la Kill) in her. Making her in the future a possible top ten character of all time. I just love her and her positivity and she is just too amazing for this world.


This series is one that I plan on reading weekly as this story gets better and better with every chapter. So I can’t wait to see how their relationship develops and how they develop more as people in the future. As they are perfect complements to one another and they are just perfect all together. They have some of the best chemistry I have seen in a while and I just love them man. Thanks for reading and until next time, be great my A&M people.

2 thoughts on “Malori is the GOAT | Mage & Demon Queen Thoughts

  1. Ah, thanks for the mention and i’m delighted to see you picking up Mage and Demon Queen! So far it’s been a blast reading it and it makes me happy that you’re enjoying this series also. May more great chapters of M&DQ come!

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