Sodachi And Ougi | Monogatari Girls Quick Thoughts Part 5

Okay time to talk about the lastest girls that were added to the Monogatari franchise. That being the amazingly deep character of Sodachi. Who was so important to the story as a whole. Along with one of the greatest antagonists in fiction. Even though they were both the last girls introduced to the franchise. I have to say that both of them have had such an amazing impact in the final arcs that make this story even greater than it already was.

Sodachi Oikura

Now if it wasn’t for Sodachi, Araragi would not be the man that he is today. But, I just want to say before I get more into her character I have to say that she is up their as one of the best voice actors in this series. As the passion that she put into that character. Made me love her with her introduction. As she was written to be hated. But, to me I was just interested in how she became this way. As out of all the girls that Araragi had to deal with. When I first saw this one. I was just like this is gonna be tough.

But, upon learning her story. While also seeing another reality where she could have legit been Araragi’s girlfriend. Before even Hanekawa and Senjougahara I might add. I was just in utter shock in her story and felt utter sadness for her. She is one of those characters that I can’t wait to learn more about in the books. As I know that she has to be part of the future books.

Future Dez Here: Right after this post I decided to read Sodachi Fiasco right after writing this post and I have to say that Sodachi is a masterpiece of a character. I cried to her light novel so fucking much man. No spoilers but Nisio Isin is the greatest writer in fiction hands down nobody comes close.

Ougi Oshino

OUGI-SAMA is in my top 10 antagonist in anime history. As her complexity in the anime. Her complication with Araragi. With her completely controlling him throughout the story. Was just so intrigining during the whole series. Even her introduction when she was just accepted into the series like another person. That has always been here. Then her making Araragi uncomfortable.

I love Ougi and her overall complexity in the story. As she was always in the anime convincing everyone with her words. Hell she didn’t even have any crazy powers or anything. She was just their moving everyone with her words. As she pushed Araragi to be a better person.


These characters are so amazing and I can’t wait to get into the light novels and rewatch the anime just to know more about their characters. But, oh look at this I forgot some girls. Or should I say women, as I will be covering in the final part. Araragi’s mother, Yozuru Kagenui, and the woman who knows everything in the final part of my quick thoughts on these girls. So be prepared for that next week. As it is gonna be really fun talking about Gaen greatness.

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