Top 50 Anime Characters (2019 Edition) Part 3 (30-21)

Alright time to talk about part 3 of this character ranking. The rules for this is no limits on characters in a series, this is my complete bias, and I haven’t seen every anime and read every manga in the world. So forgive me for that. This list will be broken up into 6 parts and will be published every Monday. So here are my 30 to 21 characters.

30) Lupin III (Lupin The Third Franchise)

This is one of those Characters that I really can’t put into words how great he is. As he is the world’s and anime’s greatest thief. This man through all of the franchises keeps that swagger. Keeps that smile on his face. While also just being himself throughout the whole anime. Him and his team are amazing with him at the focus. I say that no one can do it better than him.

29) Noelle (Black Clover)

Now this one is one of those complete biases placing. As Noelle is the number one character that I root for in Black Clover. As she is just amazing with her development. I love her come up from disowned royal. To a boss of the Black Clover guild.

28) Meme Oshino (Monogatari Franchise)

Now this man is just the GOAT. He is in one season in Bakemonogatari. Then, he is given the Shanks (One Piece) treatment and only shows up in key moments. But, when he shows up it is just hype. I love this man’s character and his chill vibe. So he deserves this ranking.

27) Mikasa (Attack On Titan)

I will say this now Mikasa is the most underrated and most underrepresented character in Attack on Titan. As she is stated to have no personality besides. Where is Eren. Well, I will say that she might be one of the most deep characters in anime. As she in her silence says so many words. The loyalty that she has for Eren and Armin. The passion that she has when she shows emotion. I am a Mikasa stand and I will say that she is an amazingly written character.

26) Hisoka (Hunter X Hunter)

Time to talk about the Swing. As this man from the jump made me interested in his character. As his charisma, his pure passion and straight lust for battle is amazing. The intensity is something that you can not even comprehend from this man.

25) Metal Bat (One Punch Man)

If One Punch Man Season 2 did anything right. I will say that they made me cave in and read the manga. As when I saw this man, I was just hyped about his character. As this man will not go down. No matter how much this man is beaten he will just get back up and fight you again and again. Oddly enough this man gets more and more stronger after her gets beaten. Making this man a straight tank. Also his Knuckles personality is amazing and his little sister is amazing also.

24) Luffy (One Piece)

Now this person I really didn’t know where to place him. As he was out of the top 50 list then he was in the top 5. So I made a little bit of a middle ground with him. As without him and his passion to be a pirate king. He would have never met Zoro, Nami, and the rest of his crew. He is a man that speaks his mind and is straightforward. I love his personality and the overall passion that his character has

23) Tatsumaki (One Punch Man)

Now I have to say that she is the greatest tsundere in all of anime. As she is hot, she is all powerful, and she f**king knows it. Tasumaki is my second favorite character in One Punch Man for a reason and her attitude in the anime. The trolling that she does with the villains. Just her overall demitere is something that I really can’t put into words. Just know that she is greatness.

22) Ban (Seven Deadly Sins)

Ban is a man that suffers every day by his sin. (Note I have only watched season 1 of 7DS) As this man walks with an immortal body that he gained from his one and only love. A women that was only for thousands of years in isolation. With nothing to do this man came in with a pure heart and swope her off her feet. This man will do anything for this woman and it is crazy that he is suffering so much, but he keeps that smile and jokes all the time. But he still lives on forever with that sin.

21) Askeladd (Vinland Saga)

Now Askeladd is one of if not the deepest characters in all of anime. I can’t go into to much detail without spoiling the whole first season of Vinland Saga. But, for the manga reader we know how much this man goes through on a daily basis. He ideals and his mentorship towards Thorfinn are so beautiful.


This one was one of the most difficult to rank as some characters are some of my favorite in fiction. Hell on another day some of these characters might be in the top ten. That is just how great they are as people. Well until next week when we go through 20 to 11. Which is gonna be interesting who didn’t make it into my top ten.

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