Chihaya Vs Inokuma | Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 4 Review

Chihayafuru you are killing me with these doubleheaders man. As this episode was one of the most tense battles I have seen in awhile. As this was just match after match of pure intensity. As they were all close. None of them are even a domination. Which shows how much all of the people in this room have grown. But, let’s get into season 3 episode 4 called “Nobody wishes to see”.

The Matchups

Last week we learnt that Chihaya was facing the former queen in Inokuma. But, what really interested me was the other matchups. As I really was interested in all of the matches in this tournament. We find that out finally after the reveals.

One match that I was really happy it happen. As these two will finally settle their bet for the run of master. As they have this passion and rivalry that might be greater than everyone in the room. As they really wanted to face one another out of everyone in the room. So this is gonna be epic.

Now this one is one that I am really interested in. As this is vet vs vet. One that is gonna be very interesting to see in the end. But, I am gonna go with Arata’s club for this match. Thought this is gonna be a close one.

Actually beside the main event in Sudo and Taichi. This one is one that I really am interested in. As Hiroshi is someone that I have high respect for. As he blended his career with his love for kurata. So seeing him again is always good. But, his rematch with Arata is gonna be epic.

Now if I had to pick the winner (note I have not watched episode 5 yet) I would have to say the final four will be Tachi, Arata, Chihaya, and Murao. That is my final four with Tachi and Arata in the final which I would completely lose my sh** if that happened. So I can’t wait for that if it happens. Now time to talk about the matchups.

Chihaya Vs Inokuma

This one is just a classic in the making. As they seem very evenly matched in this bout. But this battle is just insane. As seeing Inokuma’s fighting style I have to say that she has a reason to be the 4 time queen. But, the back and forth is amazing. Also seeing coach S shocked that Chihaya is taking cards that she never managed to grab in her prime. That makes me think that she is at a whole other level. But, when Inokuma’s kid came in I felt like that was the end for her. But, she will return stronger in the qualifiers. So I can’t wait for that.

Murao Vs Harada Sensei

This one was one that I really didn’t know what to think of at first. As it was a battle between two vets. As the aggressive Hararada goes with his unethical ways. He is down against Ararata’s team member that to me is at a high level. So I can’t wait to see the ending of this one.

Ararata Vs Hiroshi

This one was a fun one to watch. Even though this one did not get as much time toe see as the two main ones. I have to say that seeing Hiroshi’s classmates root for him. While also seeing him relearn the game basics. He could legit have a spin off series and I would watch it. As seeing him battling Arata with all of his might is amazing.

Sudo Vs Tachi

Now this to me is the main event of the episode. As seeing this man Sudo say “are you in love with Chihaya”. I lost it man. Then seeing this man go back and forth. Both of them giving it their all. This match is greatness and I have to say this is a true master qualifier match to the finest. As they both are going beyond their levels. I have to say that this is gonna be an epic conclusion to this one.

Rento A Class

Welcome to the big league my friend. Rento is a on/off character to me but. I have to say that I loved it when this man won and both tachi and Sudo looked at him and said that I ain’t losing to this man.


This was one of the most hyped and intense episodes in the season and it is only episode 4 my guy. I loved it and I get to watch another episode now. As it is back to back doubleheaders. I have to say this now Thank you madhouse for giving us this as we never asked for it, but you are giving us what we deserve after so long. So until next time, thanks for reading and be great my A&M people.

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