Asunaro’s Reasons | ORESUKI Are you the only one who loves me? Episode 6 Review

Wow this episode was just shocking to me. As for the first time in this series is someone else in love with Joro. From the beginning other than Sumireko. As Asunaro was in love with Joro this whole time and both me and Joro where lost. Like I will get more into it in a minute but, man Joro you are really becoming a main protagonist. So let’s talk about this amazing episode of Oresuki episode 6.

One Week Has Past

Sun can’t dance anymore due to some random sexes teachers. Saying that it would taint the history of this event. Which was also funny seeing at the end. As they are in approval of the girl in the background like they was gonna do something. So as planned Joro asked Asunaro to go to the dance with him in Sun’s place.

Cosmos Caught Asunaro

Yo Cosmo has had some of the best writing this episode my guy. I have to say that her playing 4D chess while Asunaro is playing 3D is amazing. As she had suspicions for her this whole time. When she showed the paper and revealed everything I just had to give Cosmo her long due respects. As she completely revitalized her character completely to me. As I am rooting for her to be the number 2 for him. But, what I was shocked about most by this reveal is the motive.

Asunaro’s Motive

She did all of this. Isolating him from all of his friends. Making sure that she was not caught by changing the papers of the last people to use the printer. So that she can dance with Joro and end up with him. All for herself, because of all of the women that he was around. Making it be her just being jealous and the reason she wanted him for herself.


I really was at a loss for words seeing this. As I really thought that she had an ulterior motive. Like she was in love with Cosmos or the new in general. But no, she really was in love with this man. Like she shed a tear and everything for him upon being rejected. Which kinda makes the title of the show null and void. But, man that was crazy overall.

Asunaro’s Reason

So Asunaro liked Joro for being at this amazing baseball game. Where everyone in this whole series is somehow linked to. And when he was perving over best girl. One of the balls hit him in the head which happen to be aimed in her direction. Which if that how you fall for a guy. Then I guess I should go back in time to this baseball game. To get myself a bride.

Joro Rejection

His rejection is totally understandable to. As he finally got a girl that is not best girl Sumireko to confess to him. He was mad about his friend and everything that she put them through beside him. Which really makes me love his character even more. As Cosmos is starting to notice that too about him.


I just want to say that the dance was something beautiful in its own right. It was nice seeing everything come into a nice conclusion until BENCH-SAMA makes his return again.

Cosmos like Joro?

Also this might be me being manipulated by Cosmo. But, does she have feelings for Joro? As she did so all of this to help him. She finally sees how kind he truly is. Plus she gave him that kiss at the end. I will say that Joro is no longer a background character.

Sumireko is Ridiculous

I just have to say it. Like everyone is thinking this. But, man her you knows are you know… I just have to say that this is ridiculous my guy. Let us just give a clap for best girl. (If Cosmos doesn’t take the crown) as with Joro’s help she and he finally have some real a** friends my guy. Despite them all being a little bit of a crazy person.


This was an amazing episode. I have one random question also if you look through the whole episode everyone has a winking eye or just a scene with them have one eye open. Is that an animation thing or is that a fourth wall break for next week. I will leave that with you. But, until next time, be great my A&M people.

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