WOW!!! Shocking Twist? | Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 5 Review

Well if you told me that Ararata was gonna lose in the quarterfinals. Then I would have said that you were insane. If you told me that Chihaya was gonna get a bye by Hiroshi. I would have said that you are insane. If you told me that the final of this tournament would be Chihaya and Taichi I would have just been lost at this point. As this was some of the most amazing quarter finals that I have seen. So let’s talk about Chihayafuru Season 3 Episode 4 called “Mount Amanokagu”.

Ararata Loses!!! Nani?

Well I guess that voodoo whatever Hiroshi student was doing worked. As Ararata to a loss early. As his loss was the last thing that I would expect in the series. Like I feel as if the writer did this on purpose for some reason.Well I guess that means that the finals of the masters will be him vs Tachi. As they gave us so many hints to that in this episode. So I can’t wait for future encounters.

Murao Defeats Harada-Sensei

I have to say that this was expected. But, seeing the aftermath of Harada taking that lost to heart. Made me think that some people can play kurata for so long. As he does have a passion for the game. But, what he lacks is his age. Which is sad to see his career coming to an end.

Chihaya Vs Inokuma

This one was a battle that went back and forth. But, the former queen had to take the L this time. As Chihaya has her goals set on the queen. As her passion and everything she has gone through finally makes me realize that she is at Shinobu’s level. As I feel that the end of this season she will compete for the queen title.

Inokuma and Coach S

It was nice seeing a little bit of her story as the reason she loves the card that Chihaya loves so much is because of her name. Also seeing her say that she wants to have some training with Coach S. Along with their back and forth like they are still kids. Makes me happy as she finally showed some emotion of best girl. Also the first person to comfort her is Rion which made me love their characters even more.

Tachi Vs Sudo

Now this came to the luck of the draw. Something that always seems to happen a lot to my man. But, even though the card that was read was on Sudo’s side. Even though he had all of the odds against him. He is managed to grab the card. Winning the bout going to the semi finals.

Chihaya Gets a Bye

Well Hiroshi was nice enough to let Chihaya sleep. While he also rest for the masters. But, he was asked if he was paired up against Taichi. He stated he would show no mercy and go all out against him. So that also makes me wonder what would have happened.

Taichi Vs Murao

Well this matched was one of the quickest as due to fatigue and other factors. Murao took the L against Taichi and it was not close. But, that means that the final event was one that I could not even expect. With Tachi watching in the background. The Main event will be Chihaya vs Taichi. As they will be in their first professional match against one another. I really don’t know who to root for. Let alone who wins. Well we will find out next week.


Well I would have never expected to see that this conclusion of all things in a tournament. As this next episode is gonna be all hype. As they have battled many times before. But, this one is serious. So I don’t know what will happen. Also thanks again Madhouse for releasing two episodes in back to back weeks. Making my whole Tuesday really a Chihayafuru day. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

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