Sodachi is Amazing | Sodachi Fiasco Light Novel Reaction

***This contains minor spoilers for Orokamonogatari which takes place right after the Zoku Owarimonogatari movie. I read about 4 to 5 chapters of this web novel.***

“I have a bad personality. I’m uncooperative. I degrade myself. I’m spiteful. I’m jealous. I’m distrusting. I’m charmless. I have a powerful victim complex. I’m hysteric. I’m a fool who boasts of intelligence. I’m a masochist. I’m easily intoxicated by my own misfortune. I blame anything and everything on others–on Araragi.”

– Sodachi

I decided on a wimp that I would read a little bit past the anime after writing a post for Ougi and Sodachi. After reading the first couple of chapters I am in utter tears right now. Sodachi is so f***ing deep as a character that I just needed to talk about it. As being in the mind of Sodachi was so fucking insane that I just could help but make a post about it. So the Monogatari Quick Thoughts is taking a week off for that Sodachi greatness.

First of all from chapter 1 when I am in the mind of her character. You see all of the hate. With her hating Araragi constantly repeating the words contasaly over and over again. Making me think constantly why is your hate so much. Which I know why she hates him and has a reason for it. But, when I read this light novel you realize it. Some people might have realized it in the anime. But, to me I was shocked because she loves Araragi. But, she hates him because that emotion is stronger than love. She said it indirectly but that first chapter raised her so high on my list. That she might be top 5 in the series now.

When I think Zuko and her alternative version. I still think about it, In another world she and Araragi might have been married. Which is so crazy to think, but it is the truth. As she has this deepness for her that left me speechless. I loved her character in the first couple of chapters. As she is moving to a new school and is trying her best to fit in. But, then you see inside of her mind.

Seeing how her mind works. You see how she can be confident and times. Then seeing her inferiority complex come out. Thinking lesser of herself constantly. Thinking constantly how the world would be without her or if she gave her life early. This writing really made me appreciate Sodachi more as a character and I can’t wait to finish this light novel. As her story is runs so deep in the feels. I just got to clap it up for Nissio Issi because I have been saying that this man is one of the greatest. But, after reading this no one stands above him.

I just have to say that if you ever disliked Sodachi before hand. Read this masterpiece and don’t say anything about this queen of a character. I am hoping the best for her in this light novel and for the future. I love this character a lot more now and she is up their with Ougi and Sengiugahra as my favorite character.


All I can say is that the light novel speaks for itself. Once you see the passion that is put into this character. You just have to appreciate a well written character that I just had to do justice. Compared to last week, I didn’t have this amazing information on her. So thank you for reading this kinda extended version of Sodachi’s character and until next time, be great my A&M people.

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