A Mother’s Love | Grand Blue Chapter 57 “Mom” Review

This chapter was a f*cking masterpiece. I am really struggling to find words to speak about this chapter. Well I can start off with saying that Crunchyroll you get your act together man. It was 4 days of waiting for this masterpiece of a chapter to come out. But besides that, let’s get into this chapter called “Mom”.

On a side note, I am changing the review style for this chapter. I won’t be going page by page like I usually do. But, I want to break it down into 7 key points that I want to talk about in the chapter. It is still in the typical style that I do it just not going over every little detail and more of my thoughts through the pages.

Smiling Chisa

I just want to say that seeing her smile majority of this chapter even through me off. Like when Kohei went to talk with her and fell. I was her kindness that much. Then when she talked to Iori I felt the exact way that he did during the chapter. Like her kindness really through me off completely.

My perspective of this though is that she that she really didn’t want to bring everyone’s mood down again. After they did so much to make her happy. So she kept one this smile that just made us all a little bit freaked out. Like every time she spoke I was ready for someone to die. One thing that killed me thought is when they were talking about drinking and this girl brought the 96% to drink. Like I was legit in utter concern for Chisa at this point.

One Last Drink

So I wonder who’s idea was to trust Kohei with letting things get out of hand. As they drank themselves passed out on their last day. I just have to say that the amount of alcohol that these people can consume is beyond the level of a whole real life university at this point. But, they had a good rest and woke up two hours before their flight. Which they did make it on time luckily.

Iori Missing His Flight

Now this was the joke of the chapter to me. When Iori was saying that he was missing something important. Like he was lost in thought about this the whole time. From waking up till Cakey said it on the phone call. This man bolted like there was no tomorrow for that porno magazine. But, sadly he missed his flight. So he had to use all of the money that he gained on the trip to fly back home.

Gang Back Together

It been a long time (since Chapter 39 to be more exact) since we have had the whole Pee A Boo Club back in a single room. It feels good man. It is episcally good to see best girl Asuza even if it was for a single panel. I am just happy they all have been separated for way to long and I just want them to just chill in this new semester.

A Mother’s Love

You know I have to shout out a person on the reddit Lonely_Charlie on the Grand Blue sub reddit. As the reason that she did want Chisa to be an instructor is because she deeply cared for her and didn’t want her to end up deaf in the ear like her.

So I have to say even though she shows it in a very misunderstood way. She does care deeply for her daughter and even gave her a momento that just made me tear up a little bit. Everyone shows their love in different ways and her ways is still a for that I can respect in someway.

Iori & Chisa

I just have to say sorry to Aina but this ship has officially is being set for sale. As the relationship that they have in this anime is amazing. Like Iori knows how she feels more than anyone in the world. The way that they talk seriously is amazing and I just love their dynamic with one another. Also Iori stayed back so he can find out about Chisa’s mother (and for the porno magazine).


Okay my future arc wishes I need Busujima like immediately, I need a whole chapter of Azusa greatness , and I just want some more fun with the bros. I don’t know how this new semester will go. I don’t know who we might meet on the way. But, I am just happy that we are home and ready to start with some more hell adventures in this crazy college.


Thanks for reading this chapter. If you were wondering why this was late blame Crunchyroll’s Manga services. I plan on dropping them and switching to Amazon after my membership is up. But, besides the one negative this chapter to me was a masterpiece. Despite all of the craziness we went through the summer, this was the perfect conclusion chapter to all of this and I can’t wait for what is next. Thanks for reading my reviews and until next month, thanks for reading and be great my A&M people.

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