Top 50 Anime Characters (2019 Edition) Part 4 (20-11)

Well are almost coming to a close on this list. The rules for this are simple, no limits on characters per series, this is my complete bias, and I haven’t seen every anime and read every manga in the world. So forgive me for that. This list will be broken up into 6 parts and will be published every Monday. So here are my 20 to 11 characters.

20) Jin Woo (Solo Leveling)

Now out of all the people in this list. He has the highest possibility to crack the top ten next year. As his journey through the manhwa and his potential as a character is just amazing. I love Solo leveling and the story that it is telling. As this man had a goal from the beginning and didn’t back away from it. He went through hell and back and is the biggest started from the bottom story.

19) Kamui (Gintama)

Out of all the characters in Gintama. The character of Kamui is amazing and his love for his mother that made him into the psychopath that he is today is masterful writing. This man and his relationship with his family is amazing and the reason that I love Gintama so much is that he was just misunderstood like every character in the franchise. He has a story to tell and has his reasons for his lifestyle.

18) Araragi (Monogatari Franchise)

This man is an amazing selfless human being. That might have lolicon tendencies due to a certain vampire. But, he makes the Monogatari franchise what it is today. As he is a deep character that cares for his friends constantly and will put their lives above his in a heartbeat. He is a masterpiece of a character and is not perfect in no way whatsoever.

17) Holo (Spice & Wolf)

Holo is a character that I love with a passion. So why do I have her so low, maybe it is because of a certain cat. But, I Holo of Spice and Wolf is smart, witting, and just an overall fun ball of joy to be around. She however also is a drunk and will eat all of your apples. But, I will say that she is one of the most amazing characters that really opened my eyes to anime when I first got into it.

16) Shinobu (AKA Kiss-Shot) (Monogatari Franchise)

Now Kiss-Shot is amazing. She is a person that upon meeting Araragi she was in a darkplace. But, upon meeting him and becoming one with him. She has had so much fun in the light that she is just shined so much. Some scenes in the anime when you see the emotion and passion that her character has. Especially in Monogatari 2nd Season you just can’t not be in love with this character. Hell she is my logo for a reason.

15) Enji (29 to JK)

Now I will keep preaching the greatness of 29 to JK because Enji is a GOAT of a character. This man has been offered time and time again. Promotions to be higher in the business world. He has been offered richests beyond your imagination. But, He declines it because he cares for the small amount of people in his work station. He defends his workers to the greatest. He does his job and doesn’t back down from any challenge. So I have to say that it is a masterpiece that I will elaborate on another day.

14) Erwin Smith (Attack On Titan)

Now this man is another great leader similar to Enji. But, this man takes a different path in order to defeat the enemy. As in order to beat a monster he had to become the greatest of beast. He had to make many sacrifices along the way and is a masterpiece of a character.

13) Meruem (Hunter X Hunter)

Now this man is my second favorite antagonist in anime history for a reason. As his story from starting out as one of the most evil human beings in existence. To then slowly see his progression to becoming a human. This man is to me Togashi’s masterpiece antagonist and I don’t know if anyone will ever come close in the series.

12) Shin (Kingdom)

Wow another great leader. I am finally seeing a trend for the first time in my list. Where do I start with Shin, he might be one of the greatest main characters in anime history. The path that he has taken to unify all of China along with another person coming up in the top 5.

11) Kyoukai (Kingdom)

There would be no one on this planet. That I would have as Shin’s right hand other then Kyoukai. She is a ride or die on the battlefield. While also being just an amazing character she is a beast on the battlefield. One that has gone through hell and back and is not afraid to take on the toughest of foes. She is amazing and is my second favorite character in Kingdom.


This list is coming close to the end meaning that I have to make the final touches on my favorite manga list soon. I know that one is gonna be a long grueling process compared to the others. But, thanks for reading a see you next time as I talk about my top favorite characters being a 10 through 5. So until then be great my A&M people.

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