Kyoukai Vs Houken, CHAPTER OF THE YEAR!!! | Kingdom Manga Chapter 621 “Caller” Review

I don’t do Kingdom reviews very often. I tried many times but I have failed. But, this chapter was so f*cking amazing that I had to make one. I want to thank Sense Scans & Turnip Farmers for allowing us to read this masterpiece. So let’s get into the chapter.

Kyoukai’s Dance

Yo, this was one of the deepest dances that Kyoukai has ever done. She had gone so deep in the dance that you can see the veins pop out of her. She is coughing up blood with all of the strain on her body along with fatigue, hunger, and everything else.

But, she was so focused on making sure that Houken was dead before Shin arrived she didn’t care. I have to say that Kyoukai is a GOAT of a character and my favorite girl in Kingdom for a reason.

Kyoukai Vs Houken

Now this fight I didn’t know how it could have gone. It was Kyoukai going all out with her dance. Dogging eligalent and slicing him up over and over again. Putting even R on notice. Everyone was watching in awe of the fighting she was doing. As she was cutting Houken Up this man was spitting his bullsh*t and Kyoukai was just focus on the kill. Ever cutting some of his fingers in the process.

Until Houken had enough of it. Then just grabbed her on the leg. To then smash her head on the ground constantly. I was feeling hate at this moment then Kyoukai gave us a glimmer of hope. But, Houken shut that down immediately by slamming her even more. But, then he threw her in the direction of no other than Shin who was racing towards her.

Shin’s Rage

You don’t see his eyes. All you see is rage and maybe the angriest that I have seen Shin in this manga period. Houken you think that you can hurt a man’s future bride and not die. You are dying this arc my guy. I can’t wait for the next chapter.


Now this chapter was a masterpiece. This fight sequence had me hyped the whole chapter. This was an amazing chapter thought and worth the wait. To me this is my favorite chapter of the year. Maybe even my favorite chapter of the whole arc to. But, thank you for reading this post. I love Kingdom and maybe I might give it another shot in the future. Until next time, be great my A&M people.

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