Sun the Best Friend | ORESUKI Are you the only one who loves me? Episode 7 Review

Yo this episode was very solid in my opinion. For a pool episode at that and they did not disappoint with all of the comedy. With Sun proving why Joro and him are the best of friends, Joro makes peace with someone. While also getting two new members to that Joro harem. Maybe three if you count Sun. But, let’s get into the episode.

Joro’s Mom

Now first of her voice completely through me off. I was just lost on why she was like that. But, I guess that this what would happen if you marry Himarawi. I like the mom as a character two she has that energy that is very similar to Himarawi. Also she let Best girl into the house after catching her stalking the house. So now Sumireko is basically all in Joro’s life now. But, she came to pick Joro up to go to the sign pool.

Pool Episode

Well we always have to have a pool episode in every harem anime. I just started to get annoyed at them at a certain point. But, this one was thought was an amazing. Also seeing Cosmo and Best Girl in their swimsuits were amazing. Like seriously Sumireko defies reality sometimes. But, it is weird seeing all of these girls fight over him now. When in the past they have

Sun-Chan Shows His Best Friend Status

You know this episode Sun was practicing his sage mode. As he was going all Best Friend this episode. Constantly having fun with Joro when all of the girls messed up with him. But, every time Joro said Sun-Chan I was wondering if Joro felt that way about Sun-Chan too. I also want to note that I lost it when these men rode into the sunset on the pool ride.


Now I just have to say that Joro using ZA WORLD(Jojo) constantly to break the fourth wall was priceless. But, I really can’t find a girl in this anime that I hate anymore. Like in the last two episodes I have to say that this girl might be up there. But, now she has that Kotegawa feel and if you know my love for Kotegawa then you know I can’t hate her no more. Hell I might say that she is my top 3 after this episode. But, I am happy that she maid peace and made of her friends apologies. While seeing Joro’s kind side.

Also on a side note, I like how this man is looking for that bench. Everywhere in making sure that he is not confessed to in anyway. He really has Bench PTSD from this anime.

Harem Grows

So in the post credit scene we get introduced to a new look Sasanqua. I have to say that now Joro has all of that Harem Protagonist Energy. This man after his interaction with Sasanqua at the pool he made a girl dye her hair back to normal and have neat hair. That to me is some crazy powers the only thing is that you will never realized you have your powers.

Also with these Harem Protagonist Energy it can attract girls from all over the world for you. As a friend in the past has transferred. Walked up to him and to a knee and kissed his hand. As a sign of undying loyalty. This power is on par with a young Rito (To Love Ru) who has pulled girls from other planets in his prime. But, it was another crazy ending to another good episode.


I liked this episode and am really starting to fall for the characters. As Sasanqua is someone that really glowed up to me. Can’t wait to find out more about this new character. Also what is Joro thinking about all of this. Thanks for reading and hope you be great my A&M people.

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