Haitus Over!!! [UNFILTERED A&M #13] | A Geeky Childhood Tag

Man, it feels good to be back.

Since I have been gone for about a month you might have a lot of questions like am I okay and did I give up on blogging, or you might have just forgotten me and just realized I haven’t been here in like a month. Well the explanation to all of that will be explained at a later date because I have a ton of post that I have to get out before the end of this year and I am typing my butt off for these final weeks of the year 2019. So lets kick this off with an A&M while also doing this geeky tag provided by the Highschool of the Dead enthusiast Lynn Sheridan for a tag with no rules. Which is something that you should never give me because I tend to go extreme with that sometimes. So let’s do this.


There ain’t any.

Where did your geek come from? Parents? Siblings? Destiny?

Where I got my geek from was probably destiny. I was the only person in my house for the longest that loved anime with a passion. So when I finally made some friends that talk about anime I was so happy. I then slowly but surely became the geek that I am today.

The First Geeky Thing You Got Into

The first geeky thing I got into was either Yugioh or Pokemon cards. I remember trading them a lot as a child and challenging my friends to duels and battles. My greatest accomplishment was getting one of the egyptian god cards.

Favourite TV Show as a Kid

My favorite TV show has to be Spongebob. That to me is one of those amazing shows that I will never forget and watch as a kid.

Favourite Movie as a Kid

The one that I watch on repeat alot was the Scooby Doo Zombie Island. That movie today is still amazing because of that being one of the mysteries where the monsters were real.

Favourite Video Game as a Kid

NBA 2K and Madden Is all I had when I was in elementary. I still love Madden to this day so I have to say Madden is the one that I enjoy with a passion to this very day.

Favourite Book as a Kid

If manga counted then I would have to say Bleach. That was the first manga that I read and loved with a passion. I didn’t know what was going on with I first read it. But, I knew that I love the pictures when I was younger.

Favourite Memory as a Kid

Anthony Scott, right, dribbles next to two defenders during a game Jan. 27, 2012, at the Dover Air Force Base, Del., Youth Center. The game was part of the Youth Center’s youth Basketball league which helps teach the children the fundamentals of the game. (U.S. Air Force photo by Senior Airman Matthew Hubby)

The best memory I can remember having as a child was this place I used to live in. There was this basketball that my mom got me for christmas because that was all that I asked for. That day of Christmas all I did was hoop the whole time. I never became the next Kobe or Jordan. But that day I felt like I was.

A Character You Looked Up To as a Kid

Heavyweight champion Muhammad Ali stands over Sonny Liston and taunts him to get up during their title fight. Ali knocked Liston out in one minute in the first round during their bout at the Central Maine Youth Center in Lewiston, Maine.

Even when I was a little kid. The person that I will never forget with all my heart and soul is Muhammad Ali. I never got to watch any of his fights live. But, I just watched all of his fights and interviews on youtube as a kid. That man to this day motivates me to be the man that I am today.

A Character That Scared You as a Kid

I remember my barber would always scare me as a child. As I everytime that he turned on the razor I would just cry my heart out. It was funny because the barber was also my uncle so I tried to hide from him during Thanksgiving.

Final Thoughts

Since there is not any rules and I have a ton of posts to make before the end of the year. I will say that if you are reading this and have not made a post with this tag then your nominated. Also I since there aren’t any rules I am gonna steal Lynn’s questions above and also add one more below.

Who was your best girl/boy of the year?

I plan on having a lot of posts out including what I have been doing all of this time. But, I have to say that it is just good to come back. So for the first time readers and the current readers thank you and have a good day.

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