Just Be Yourself | Grand Blue Chapter 58 “Back to School” Review

F*** Crunchyroll (Mini Rant)

Well what a way to end the Grand Blue year. Crunchyroll has still not come out with the lastest chapter of that Grand Blue Greatness. As I patiently waited for it for about 4 to 5 days, I finally caved in and paid two dollars for the chapter. I know that it was on Manga Rock and other sites. But, this is my 2nd favorite manga of all time. So I want to support it the best that I can. But, come on Crunchyroll you are one of the best streaming sites out their and you slack on this series constantly. So I am just gonna say F**K Chruchyroll’s manga service for not giving us one of the best manga in history. I am switch for amazon fully and canceling my subscription after my one year is up. Also its not only because of this series, but others also.

So with that rant over with. Let’s talk about this amazing chapter in the new semester.

Summer Is Over

When you look back at this summer. (Which lasted over a year for us) It is kinda crazy all of the things that they did during that time. Especially when Kohei and Iori are explaining it like we can relate. But, it finally us over their crazy, amazing, and long summer. They went to hell and back during that time and it was one hell of a ride.

This Guy

Now I was looking at the friends and I was wondering for a second if he dropped out. Which would have been cool to add a real life thing that happens at college all the time. While also getting rid of one of the lesser liked friends. But no, this man is straight up trying to be like the perfect Sakemoto on a window seal. But, when I saw this I really looked at him and said who mans is this. Acting like he had a whole relationship arc during the summer. When he was probably on “that” site all summer doing “that” thing.

Tokki in a Suit

Now this had me laughing for the longest man. Like I could not take this man in a suit seriously at all. Seeing naked was way more natural to me too. I have seen this man in his birthday suit so much that I am thrown off when he is in a full suit man.

Interview with Tokki

Now the interview that everyone had with him. It was really interesting as him and Koto are two people that have so much of an untold story. I just hope that we can go in on how their characters became such amazing characters. Like I want to learn more about this man’s girlfriend and his talents with the piano. Which also shocked me.

Azusa Greatness

Now panels like this is why Asuza is always my number one girl man. As she just makes me smile everytime that I see herman. Like I love how she just adds to the confusion on her s*x skills and then Kohei and Iori looking like corrupt businessman bringing her to the office to demonstrate her skills. Will Aina is trying to stay pure during this whole exchange.


Now this panel was just amazing. When two of the heaviest drinkers in anime history say that alcohol is bad for you. That was just a priceless panel show what people will say for that job. What warmed my heart the most is the love that these people have for one another. Wishing the best for them in their future interviews and all. Just assuring them that as long as they remain their awesome selfs everything will be alright.

Just Be Yourself

So Tokki took this seriously and when their like it was another day at PAB Diving Club. I will just say that if this man was not such a great character he would never get another interview. But, because it is Tokki he got himself a job for the future. One that will be just as fun.


This was a great chapter to end the year. While also being my first year reviewing this amazing series monthly and boy is this an amazing ride. It had its highs and lows. But, this is still thank you to the Grand Blue fans for reading all of my reviews. Thank you to Amazon for giving us these amazing chapters and F*CK Crunchyroll for slacking on one of the best manga on their site.

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