Top 40 Anime Openings Of 2019

You know I never realize how hard making top list was until making this one. I will say that this top 40 list here was a long process and I am happy that I got it complete. I also got to relisten to some of my favorite openings over and over again. I will say this now this is my top 40 anime opening list so it is complete basis on what I have heard. Also I have not watched every anime that is on this list. So some things might be lower because I put a lot of meaning into the symbolism and if I didn’t see it then I can’t put it high. So enough of my blaber and time to talk about the top anime openings of 2019.

40) Is It Wrong to Try to Pick Up Girls in a Dungeon? II “Hello to Dream” by Yuka Iguchi

This was a relaxed opening that reintroduced the amazing world of danmachi. I was to me a chill opening the whole time despite its dark hints in the story.

39) The Quintessential Quintuplets “Gotoubun no Kimochi” by Nakanoke no Itsuzugo

This was an amazing group collaboration by all of the girls. This was an opening that just seem really fun to make in the production.

38) ORESUKI “Papapa” by Shuka Saito

This was a nice opening that was just a cool song and just a happy beat to listen to.

37) Fire Force OP 2 “MAYDAY feat. Ryo from CRYSTAL LAKE” by coldrain

Now this one is for the metal heads. The animation for this is amazing and it is an amazing OP. But, there is another Fire Force OP that is a lot higher on this list.

36) A Certain Magical Index III OP 2: ROAR von Maon Kurosaki

Now I just started to get into the Index/Railgun Universe and this OP is one that I only listen to twice. But what I have heard in those two times it was amazing.

35) The Rising of the Shield Hero OP1: “RISE” by MADKID

I have to admit I like this rap. I usually don’t like anime rap. But, this one was good.

34) ASSASSINS PRIDE “Share the light” by Run Girls, Run!

This techno beat literary made me committed to this anime not matter how cringy it was. But, it is an amazing OP.

33) ASTRA LOST IN SPACE “Star*frost” by nonoc

This was an amazing Opening. With the concept of space and all of the symbolism and hints thrown in their. It was amazing once you realized it afterwards.

32) Hensuki “Daisuki” by Ayaka Ohashi

I love this OP more than I should. This was an OP that I had so many hints and foreshadowing. THat I have to say that this was very underrated in my opinion.

31) Isekai Cheat Magician “PANTA RHEI” BY MYTH&ROID

Now I love myth and roid with a passion. As I believe that every anime opening that they do is amazing. No matter how bad the anime is. This opening is attest to that.

30) Attack On Titan Season 3 Part 2 OP “Shoukei to Shikabane no Michi” by Linked Horizon

This opening was a culmination of all of the amazing opening that they did. I had the hype, it had moments, it had hella spoilers, but it was an amazing OP.

29) The Rising of the Shield Hero OP 2 “FAITH” by MADKID

This opening far supasses the first one to me. The music and everything to me in this opening is fun and shows the crazinest of this amazing anime. Also Rathalia is adorable in this thumbnail so you can’t hate that.

28) My Hero Academia Season 4th “Polaris” by BLUE ENCOUNT

Now even though I avoid My Hero talk a lot I have to admit that this is an amazing opening and Bakugou is still the GOAT.

27) Fruits Basket (2019) “Again” by Beverly

I love the passion of this singer so much. I might be slacking on the episodes of this anime. But, everytime I heard this opening I low key song to it.

26) Arifureta “FLARE” by Void_Chords feat.LIO

Despite all the hate that this anime gets I have to say that this opening was fire. The sax or whatever was put into this opening. It is an amazing opening.

25) Black Clover OP7 “JUSTadICE” by Seiko Omori

I will say that Black Clover might be the best anime in making openings period. Not only did they drop 4 fire openings they were all special in their own right. This one with the music and visuals is on another level.

24) Cop Craft “Rakuen Toshi” by Masayoshi Ooishi

Now this opening is one that has that classic spy movie beat. With the feel of being in Las Vegas this anime is one that I have not had the pleasure of watching. But, now I plan on watching this for this amazing anime alone.

23) Symphogear XV OP1 “Metanoia” by. Nana Mizuki

Epic. That is how I would explain this great opening. This is another show that I have not watched. But, best believe that it is high on my watch list. And I know that this is an anime that I will appreciate with a passion.

22) Boogiepop and Others “shadowgraph” by. MYTH & ROID

This anime opening to me has some of the best symbolism out of all the openings on this list. While also being done by my favorites in Myth & Roid. So this was bound to be on this list. I love everything about this opening and the story of this amazing series. So shout out to Boogiepop for making me expand my brain.

21) Dr. STONE OP 1 “Good Morning World!” by. BURNOUT SYNDROMES

This was an amazing introduction into the anime world. As this series showed that it can compete with the likes of My Hero and Black Clover for the next generation. Also the visuals in this opening was on another level man.

Thanks to you all I just realize that I made it to the halfway point and still have 20 more to go. So for all of you taking the time to read this I thank you very much and hope the best for you in the future. Now let’s get this second half through.

20) Mob Psycho 100 II “99.9” by Mob Choir

Whoever made this opening was on some crack. Cause this is on pure visuals is the best opening of 2019. Like this is one of the best series that I have not watched but plan to before the year ends and if this opening is anything like what this opening says then I gotta give it the highest of praise.

19) BEASTARS “Wild Side” by ALI

This opening was just so unique to me. While also having such a unique animation style that I really enjoyed. The dance sequence and everything about this was amazing. The music is also so great from going from dark to light the back into the darkness.

18) Vinland Saga OP1 “MUKANJYO” Survive Said the Prophet

Now from the opening alone you know that this anime is gonna be an epic. The passion that was put into every scene and every vocal. Also at the end of it when whoever was singing was just screaming. That was just passion put into that final.

17) Demon Slayer OP1 “Gurenge” by LiSA HD

#3 Of Spring

This anime is the most hyped because of that twitter breaking episode. But, it might just be me but I feel like this opening goes so underappreciated. (note: I might change my mind if this wins best opening at the crunchyroll awards) But I love this opening and the visuals with it.

16) BEM “Uchuu no Kioku” by Maaya Sakamoto

#3 Of Summer

This is one of those chill Jazz beats. While having a Baccano feel to the music and visuals at times. This is an amazing opening and that music is on another level.

15) Dr. STONE OP2 “Sangenshoku” by PELICAN FANCLUB

Now this is one of the best openings with the perfect blend of symbolism, music, and visuals. This was just one of those that you just have to love and repeat.

14) Kaguya-sama Love is War OP “Love Dramatic feat. Rikka Ihara” by Masayuki Suzuki

This was one that was just amazing. It showed the rivalry that the two had. It showed the tsundere that one another had. While also showing the amazing moments of this anime. I gotta give it props that it deserves as this is one of those series that can do nothing wrong in any department.

13) Chihayafuru 3 OP “COLORFUL” by 99RadioService

This opening is just another classic. As it shows the past present and future of this amazing series. It is hype, emotional, and the perfect comeback song after three years. So thank you Chihayafuru for giving us such an amazing opening to an amazing season.

12) How Heavy Are the Dumbbells You Lift? “Onegai Muscle” by Hibiki Sakura (Ai Fairuz) and Naruzou Machio (Kaito Ishikawa)

#2 Of Summer

This is so amazing and hearing Hibiki rap in the full version of this is amazing. This is the amazing series that has one of the strongest OP and ED combos of the year. This is motivational and just a fun ride all together. I am sad that I could not put this in the top ten but, this year was so stacked that it’s crazy.

11) Dororo OP1 “Fire” by. Queen Bee

Banger. This is one of those that had potential to be number one to me in the beginning of the year. But, a couple of amazing series came and this made it one spot out of the top ten. But, to me this is still an amazing opening that I had on repeat constantly.

10) Kakegurui xx OP1 “Kono Yubi Tomare” by. JUNNA

#3 Of Winter

Now this opening is the definition of grand. This is an opening that the visuals are off the charts. The song and the chilling beat at times. THis is a masterpiece of and opening and nexflix’s best work.

9) Vinland Saga OP2 “Dark Crow” by. MAN WITH A MISSION

This basically is the definition of hype. THis shows the epicness of the amazing epic journey of vengeance. With one of the most hyped songs of 2019 as this is just one of those amazing openings. Also showing some pieces of the amazing fight between Thorkell and Thorfinn.

8)Black Clover OP9 “RiGHT NOW” by EMPiRE

#3 Of Fall

For symbolism and foreshadowing this one had the best in all of those departments. Also you show my best girl Noelle in the Valkyrie Dress. That alone make this a top 10 opening. The music on this is amazing. This proves that Black Clover is the king of anime openings. For its consistency and greatness.

7) Food Wars! The Fourth Plate OP “Chronos” by STEREO DIVE FOUNDATION

#2 Of Fall

As much as I HATE the ending of one of my favorite series. I have to say that opening represent the amaziness of this great and amazing series and the visuals showing how the eite ten are literal gods and deitites. I can’t hate on the story. Then showing erina and Soma reuniting for this finally. I can’t help but give this opening the highest of praises.

6) Ao-chan Can’t Study! “Wonderful Wonder” by. Edoga Sullivan

#2 Of Spring

Now some people might look at me crazy putting this one that high. But, the visuals along with the song of this is that goo to me that I can’t help but put it this high. The angles and the camera motion that each frame is put in. The fun and bop beat is something that I can’t help but love. This is one of the most underaprieceted opening in my opinion and I just had to put it this high.

5) The Promised Neverland OP “Touch Off” by UVERworld

#2 Of Winter

I don’t even think that I need to say much about this amazing opening. As this was just one that I knew that the studio and the staff was gonna put all of their heart and passion in. So this is just one of the best songs of this year and it was an amazing way to kick off the year. Also the cleanest scene in an opening this year is all the kids behind that fench.

4) Granblue Fantasy The Animation Season 2 Opening Stay With Me – Seven Billion Dots

Best Of Fall

This is one of the greatest opening to an anime that I have not even watched. But, when I heard it I knew that it was gonna be in the top 5. The passion that was put into this and the music was just amazing. The feel for the series is just amazing and this opening is just amazing. I can’t wait to hop into this series for the amaziness of this series.

3) CAROLE&TUESDAY “Kiss Me” by. Vo.Nai Br.XX&Celeina Ann

Best Of Spring

This is one of the best things that I have every scene in anime period. The cooperation done with english singers for a japanese anime was one of the most fun and unique things that I have ever scene in anime. So I have to give props to the studio for making
such an amazing piece of music.

2) Domestic na Kanojo Opening “Kawakiwo Ameku” by Minami

Best Of Winter

This is a masterpiece of an opening. I say that as the music is already on a whole other level. The visual of black and white with only showing very few thing in the light. Then showing all of the girls chasing the MC. But, the two girl that aren’t his main two are held back in their reflections show doubt. But, Rui and Hina have no doubt and go full force for him. This is all depicted under rain and this is just an amazing opening and real sad that their was one that took the number one spot.

1) Fire Force “Inferno” by Mrs.GREEN APPLE

Best Of Summer

Now this is the definition of fire. The art that is put into this is amazing. With the animation of David productions. The love that I have for this series is amazing and this OP is well deserving of the number one spot and the fun that the people in this opening. The greatest that this opening has is one another level. So thank you once again David Productions and Mrs. Green Apple for such an amazing and captivating opening.

Final Thoughts

I finally completed this monster. This was probably one of the longest post in my blogs history and I feel like a crazy person now because I have to edit this whole rough draft and publish it by midnight. Also I know that this list is probably not gonna be agreed with. But, this was a fun list to make and fun to listen to all of these anime openings. Thank you all for reading this or just scrolling all the way down to see number one. Until next time take it easy my A&M people.

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