MONOGATARI Series Box Set, Season 2 Unboxing

Well this is the last thing that I pre-ordered for the year. While also being the last manga/light novel I will buy for the year. I always love talking about one of my favorite series of anime history. So I hope you enjoy this manga haul unboxing / Monogatari discussion.

Nekomonogatari White

Now this is close as being one of my favorite parts of the Monogatari series. As this story is the first part of Monogatari that I cried my eyes out. Not lying. Like moments hit me hard in the series. But, that one part that I will not spoil was so ************* that I cried. Also this cover is so beautiful that I plan on going to hell and back for the digital version of it.


This arc really through me off in the begining but became one of my favorite arcs for the Monogatari series. Hell every arc is my favorite arc.


This is one of the best stories that showed the greatness of Kanbaru. I love the focus on her and the back and forth with Kanki was gold.


One of my favorite moments is the outburst scene. Like imagine letting all of you anger out for one amazing moment. That was so amazing in the anime and I can’t wait to read about it.


I will only comment of the cover. This is such a beautiful cover of Shinobu that I just love.


What a way to end this amazing box set with the main girl Senjougahara. I love this date arc and the calm before the storm. I love this amazing part of this episode.

Final Thoughts

Thanks for listening to me gush about the amazing series of Monogatari. Also I have to give credit to VOFAN for the amazing artwork. Also the the amazing Nisio Isin for one of the greatest written stories in history. So until next time be great my A&M people.

4 thoughts on “MONOGATARI Series Box Set, Season 2 Unboxing

    1. Trust me when I say it is worth the watch. The franchise as a whole is some of the greatest writing that I have ever scene man. The anime is top 3 in my opinion and it is totally worth the watch.

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