My Top 5 Chapters of Grand Blue 2019

Well this is the end of another year of amazing manga of Grand Blue. We had the diving, we had the drinking, and we had the with some amazing chapters this year. AS this year we had 11 chapters spanning between 50 and 58. Two of which were side stories. So that will be the pool that I will be ranking. But before I make my list I have to shout out to the two amazing people that work on this amazing series every month. So shout out to the detailed and beautiful artist Kimitake Yoshioka and the comedic and heartfilled writer Kenji Inoue. They have made this series one of favorite manga of all time and I love this series with all my heart. So let’s get into the top 5 chapters of the year based on my complete bais.

5) Chapter 52.5 “Truth Or Dare Jenga”

I personally really underrated this chapter when I first read it in the year. After I reread this chapter I clearly had to make sure that this chapter was up their after the reread. Bruh the comedy in this chapter was on a whole other level. It might be the top three in the comedy department this year. From having the psycho girlfriend make a reappearance, to Iori seeing his dare and tried to cover it. Then having one of those demonic panels of all of the friends holding the dare. This was an amazing chapter and one of the best side stories in Grand Blue period.

4) Chapter 50 “Reunion”

This was a good way to start this year of Grand Blue. With getting the return of a new look Cakey. With something really different to her that I can’t tell. The constant stops at the airports to collect Kohei and Iori’s “magazines” was hilarious. Then, the introduction to Chisa’s mom. This was a good chapter that made me look forward to the new year. While also being my first review of a Grand Blue chapter this year also. So this chapter is really memorable to me.

3) Chapter 54 “Wingman”

Kohei is a good guy man. But, a wingman he is not. This man went through hell and back with Cakey this chapter. While also giving me a lot of confusion this whole arc. Like what the hell was Kohei’s goal this whole arc. This was just funny moments with a lot of confusion even for Kohei himself. Then the ending with it when this man ask Iori if he wanted to bump uglies with Cakey. (Which we still never got an answer to). Had me dying for a good minute. That final panel was one of my favorite this year.

2) Chapter 55 “Girl Talk”

This was the funniest chapter of the year. There is no ifs, ands, or buts about it. If you disagree with me fight me! This chapter was about the misunderstandings of Kohei’s and Iori’s kintama between Chisa and Aina. Who were basically confirmed to be pure as hell this chapter. As they ridiculously thought that because they didn’t relieve themselves that they would die from ball blowout. They even gave them the look of pity and sadness. Then they tried to give them some alone time and explain that to the other member of dolphin. Giving even more misunderstandings to everyone. Basically making Iori and Kohei search the whole town to find Chisa and Aina because of the rumors they started. Giving us and amazing double spread of the two men furious as hell. This was a 10/10 chapter that makes me smile every time I read it. You can have the most unbelievable concept to believe and make it pure comedy. This chapter would have been number one if a certain chapter that I called a masterpiece didn’t come out in November.

Honorable Mentions

I wanted to talk briefly about 2 chapters that I really enjoyed this year. But, didn’t make it into my top 5. As this manga does make some of the best chapters.

HM) Chapter 56 “Fun Dive”

This was to me the best diving chapter this year. Allowing Chisa to cheer up after a fight with her mom. While also having some amazing underwater art.

HM) Chapter 58 “ Back to School”

I loved this chapter solely because of the return of Azusa and Tokki. As their interactions are always golened.

1) Chapter 57 “Mom”

Now this chapter had it all. I called this chapter a masterpiece I believe. As it had the feels, it had the comedy, and it just had that Grand Blue style. It had crazy Chisa who was drinking like there was no tomorrow. It had the Iori missing his plane for and having to spend all of his work money over the summer on a p*rn magazine and a deeper reason. We got the return of the PAB club after 100 years. This would have been a great chapter for those reasons alone. But, then you add the mom scene and boy did that hit me hard man. That elevated this chapter from a 10 to 11 in my book. This was the best way to conclude that crazy arc and an amazing way to enter the new semester of Grand Blue.

Final Thoughts

This was one of those crazy up and down years for me. But, upon the reread of this year I feel like this year’s chapters all together was amazing as a unit. I love this series with all of my heart and sole. I hope everyone gets a chance to read this story. As this series is amazing and everything about is amazing. I wait till next year we get some more crazy adventures, hopefully MORE AZUSA, MORE BUSUJIMA, and just more fun times in this crazy little world. Also thank you all of the Grand Blue Reddit and all WordPress readers for reading all my reviews this year. I had fun making every single one and can’t wait to make more next year. Now my question to you what was you favorite chapter of Grand Blue?

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