3 Series I Picked Up Recently EP. 1

Welcome to the new year as I am starting the New Year new blog right. Coming off another hiatus making a post a day after new years. Yeah!

But, what I do in this new blog series is talk about three new series that I picked up. It can be series that I never really watched in the past like Log Horizon. Or a complete new series that is just getting traction like Beastars. So I made this so I can talk about these series and hopefully get you to pick it up. But, lets talk about some of these amazing series.

3) Beastars (Manga) | 46 Chapters In

Now when I heard the anime came out I was very interested in the premise. I was however turned of by the animation. Sorry it might be a me thing and I could not get into it. But, then I read the manga and boy was it an interesting read indeed. The character of Legosi is amazing and deep as a character. His relationship with Haru is so complex and deep at times. The world that this author made is so interesting and complex that I was actually shocked when reading it. Like to be honest I failed and just this anime by this cover really heavy. But, the world that this series has built is on another tear.

Now about the character Louis. Who I will not give any spoilers away. I just have to say that he is amazingly written. The depth that is put into this character and his struggles and mindset. I feel for him heavy and boy do I have to say that this man for what he did in the last arc. Man he is my favorite character in beastars.

2) Log Horizon | Season 1

Now this is a series that was recommended heavily by a friend and boy is this worth the watch. This series is so politically good that I am mad for not watching this earlier. I love the world of Log Horizon the game mechanics and the lore that is put in this beautiful series. Like bravo to the staff that put this together. Also the opening and ending songs is so amazing that I can’t help but give praise to it.

Also this man Shiroe is one of the most underrated main characters in all of anime. He is a strategist that I have so much respect for. As he uses his skills to the highest level. Being of the rare smart main characters. While also having the plans that just go way too in depth that I have to give praise. I love Crusty’s relationship with the princess. Every character has their time to shine in this series. Also the game mechanic put every other anime about games to shame. Like all of the hype that SAO got should go to this anime.

1) UnOrdinary | Caught Up

Now this webtoon was so great. That I instantly put it in my top 10 manga all time list. After I binged it in two days. As this series has so much lore. So much character development and just so much passion put into each and every single character that I have fallen in love with this amazing series. For those who don’t know, this is a story that has a lot of similarities to My Hero if you are a fan of that. Along with the heavy mystery element like One Piece. With politics that I have to show some love to also. As the structure that they put in this is great along with the power system.

Now the characters in this are some of my favorite in fiction. The character of John is so unordinary and his Gon from Chimera Ant (Hunter X Hunter) like development is on another level. The development of the King Arlo is amazing. The writing that is put into the character of the Queen Remi is why she is tied for my best girl. The chill and relax Ace Seraphina is the other tied for my best girl as her story and her motivations in this is amazing. The depth that her character has is real and everything you see in her is amazing. Also I plan on doing a character analysis on all of the royals in this series. So be prepared for it in the future.


Thanks for reading this is as I really wanted to post something yesterday. but, i have been in a moving process plus saying bye to my friends and family. Before I make the big move to college. So thanks for following my blog for the longest and I hope that next year is bigger than last year. I hope that you like my new layout that I made for the blog for this new year. Also I hope you guys had a good new year day and also have a good year in 2020.

4 thoughts on “3 Series I Picked Up Recently EP. 1

  1. I 100% agree with you about UnOrdinary. It’s pretty outstanding.

    Also, love the new blog layout! Totally not having layout envy or anything…

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