Hard Work Vs Talent, Suo is Amazing, and More | Chihayafuru Episode 13 and 14 Review

I have not made a review on this greatness in over a month and 11 days. But, I still have been enjoying this greatness to the fullest. As these last couple of episodes have been just pure greatness. Also I want to say real quick f**k the crunchyroll awards. Cause this series did not get a single nomination. Even though this is the one of the best anime of 2019/2020. Also if they are counting this towards 2020 then why did they give My Hero nominations also but it came out the same time as Chiahayafuru and is in the 2020 year also. I just wanted to rant about that real quick.

Suo Is Amazing

First of all, out of all of the characters that I have seen in this anime. I have to say that Suo is lowkey my favorite in the series. Like at first when I saw him I didn’t know what to think of him. But, when I saw his and Chihaya’s interaction and him wanting Chihaya to be his bride. He really is a chill guy once you get to know him. But, he is also really anti social so that is why he talks low. But, he to me is the

Dr. Harada and Inokuma Wins

So the veterans take the two matches as they win dominantly. As they both technically won back to back. So this proves that you can win as long as you put in the work and passion into the game.

Arata Confession

Arata confession was shocking as hell to me.(Lowkey salty that he didn’t feel the same way for Shinobu) But, Chihaya is really bad at the whole love thing and she completely crashed. Like she straight passed out from his confession. Also Kanade and Sumire in the background in utter shock was just perfect. Then when Tachi said to Suo that Chiahaya was his girlfriend. I was like sh*t what is going to happen next.

I was reading the comment section and this is like a cryptic spoiler warning. As all the said is “you are not ready for that Tachi confession”. Which I am thinking like what is gonna happen. I really want to read the manga now. But, I will hold out until the end of the season to see if I will. I just know that the emotions and love is turning up the gears in the next episodes.

Hard Work Vs Talent

So the final matchups are Suo the Master vs the Dr. Harada the Veteran. This matchup is something that can go either way. But, I know for a fact that this match will end with someone retiring and even thought Suo said that he plans on retiring. I believe that this man after his interaction with Chihaya will not retire to meet her in the future. But, I believe that this is gonna be the final match for Dr. Harada professionally. As making it this high is a great accomplishment for him and a great story. But, I feel like Suo is to overpowered. Like from the one match that we barely saw this man did nothing but dominate.

The queen match is similar to the master match. As this is between Shinobu the Queen and Inokuma the former Queen now mother. Now this is gonna be another match up that I really am scared for Shinobu. When Suo said that about fresh apples it kinda made me worry. Also I love their relationship. It’s like an older brother and younger sister relationship. As they are just a fun duo when they talk with one another. But this is an amazing final we got set up. These next couple episodes are gonna be amazing.

So until next time take it easy and be great.

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