Rui is… [SPOILERS!!!] | Domestic No Kanojo Chapter 248 – 258 Review




Bruh, Rui is pregnant.

You know I hate this series so much. This story has always put me in a situation that makes me want to hate the author more and more. Like I can’t stand the emotions that this man puts me through. Like I took a break around chapter 248 after Rui was crying after her racist boss was being a dick. I just couldn’t read the series for a while because of the emotion trip this author keeps on forcing.

Racist Boss

Also on that note that guy got what he deserves. Also, this is the first time that I saw just a group of guys just casually look a camera and drag this man ass to death. Like no one reported that or we never got what happen past that. But, what really got me is heated is why does this author have these people lean on the rape card so hard. Like there are limits to this shit man. Like come on, you cannot be pulling this card for like every bad guy you see. Like there are good uses of it in a narrative for example in Berserk. But, when you make every bad guy use this objective to the story. Then, you just make this story really bad in my opinion.

RIP Togen-Sensei

RIP to this man. I don’t know why, maybe because of my hate for this story and the dragging of it. But, I felt nothing for the man’s death. Like I loved his story and his journey during the earlier parts of the story. But, now this just didn’t make me feel. But, I still love that his will was passed on to Nats after his death. Allowing him to finally write again.

Hina Is A Good Character

Hina, now I have been a Rui fan since chapter one. But, man do I feel for my girl Hina. Like she is trying her dang best to support this man. While also even during his break up where she could have easily taken advantage of him. She didn’t. So I have to give respect to her. Like seeing this girl is struggling to give up on the man that she loves. But, she didn’t try to force anything and she really just tried to be their for him in his time of need. She really cares for him and really does genuinely love him.

I am not saying that Rui doesn’t, but she was just understanding what love was at first. Coming from a perspective of lust in my opinion. I am still team Rui (Really Team Momo). But, I have to admit that Hina is one of the best written characters in this series. Like Rui is written to be the perfect wife. But, Hina is written as the best character in my opinion (behind Momo) .

Rui is Preggos

Now, after everything is getting better. We dealt with all of the trials and tribulations. This man just had to move our emotions again. When I read that final f*cking panel I literally got on my laptop and just started to type. Like DAMN!!! What the actual F*CK ! HOW? YOU HAVE HAD SEX HUNDREDS OF TIME. BUT, NOW YOU DON’T WANT TO USE PROTECTION.

Hina Fans

Also You know how I was praising Hina fans a paragraph ago. Well I am about to shit on their fans. As someone really fucking said that “Hina was gonna get Nats drunk so that she can have his baby also”. Sigh… Just know that this is fucking stupid and it can actualy fucking happen with this writer. So I don’t know what the hell is gonna happen anymore. This is just ridiculous man. I still am gonna ride this rollercoaster to the very end. I am way too attached to these characters and boy is this just too fun of a ride man.Well I hope that you enjoyed this… whatever this is. I can say this is a review. But, I really just ranted about parts in this. But, whatever this is amazing yall take it easy and be careful for accidental insect.

2 thoughts on “Rui is… [SPOILERS!!!] | Domestic No Kanojo Chapter 248 – 258 Review

  1. I’m wayy behind on this manga, stopping after Hina was caught kissing Natsuo by the fireworks, but I never had the intention to pick it up from where I left off. But damn, things sure escalated from where I last stopped at lol.

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    1. Yeah I only say read it if you want to know the ending. It has just been a roller coaster of craziness. I am just way to deep so I am stuck with this series.

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