3 Series I Picked Up Recently EP. 2

You know I was planning on watching all of the new anime this season today. But, I just spent the last 8 hours watching a Netflix show. So I wanted to talk about that real quick. This is gonna be on three series from any form of media now because this is my blog and I talk about whatever. So if your interested of things outside the anime genre I will be talking about the Witcher. If not then I have the Also if your new first paragraph is kinda spoiler free. But, then second and on is spoiler city.

3) ●Rec | Completed (1 Chapter)

Now this is a series that is the definition of don’t judge a book. The story was so beautiful that even though most of the time I would give a little bit of a summary about it with spoilers. I am just gonna say read it going in blind, because you will be in for a surprise of the writing of this one chapter manga. Also shout out to Inskime because I believe that he was the one that got me into this manga.

2) The Wither (Netflix) | Season One

Now my only experience with the whole wither series is the Withcer 3 games. So when I saw this series on my screen I was very hesitant. As I never picked up any of my shows on Netflix recently. So I have to say that this was a big shock coming from a person that loves the third game. As this show lived up to the hype that it had. As this show to me has it flaws. But, the major thing that I would say that I hated about the show is that it was too short man. For a whole day I watched it and I just wanted more of this greatness.

First off I didn’t like Yen’s in the Witcher games. It might have just been me and my bias towards Triss (Who they didn’t do justice in the show). But man is her(Yen) character someone that really earn my respect this season. As to see her origin story and everything that she has done. I got to give her props. As these episodes were just so binge worthy. Also the story of Geralt and Ciri as they have never met until the end of the season. That moment when they finally met after everything that they went through, that was just so f*cking beautiful. I am just mad that I have to wait till 2021 for the next episode to appear.

1) Hinamatsuri | Season One

I watched this series in late December and when I watched it I have to give this series I didn’t know that this was gonna be so f*cking amazing. From the very first scene I was hooked. The relationships that these characters have. The passion that is written into every character. Then the comedy, which is on another level, I might add. It all makes me just love this series even more. Like this is a top comedy of all time to me.

Anzu is the most pure ideal daughter that I love with all of my passion. To see her journey from being homeless to then become a person that appreciate every dollar and meal that she has. She is a daughter that no one in this world deserves. Like she is just so f*cking amazing. Then you have the character of Hina, who is a very spoiled child. Some would say that she is a little bit of a shit (That is a quote from Gigguk) But, she is a lovable piece of shit. Like who is the person that The poor character of Hitomi was so hilarious my guy. Like what the hell is the law in that country to let this girl work all these jobs. Like her whole episode that was dedicated to her was just so hilarious. But, she does have a brighter future than most people in the world though. Also all the adults are assholes and I love it. This is an amazing story that I plan on Making a separate post for one day. But, just know that this is an amazing series.

Well that is all of the series I hope you pick them up or like my take on the series if you do.

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    1. Yeah for sure. Then with the moments that hit the feels. It was a perfect blend of making you laugh and cry. Anzu will forever be best daughter.

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